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How Anxiety Made Me a Dinosaur Mom

Picture this: you've finally put your child to bed and you're just about to enjoy some 'me' time when you hear a cry. You figure it will take five minutes to get back to where you stopped. But the five minutes lasts the entire night as you realise something isn't right. Teething, night terrors, an illness or just the universe conspiring against you, your child clings to you and needs you more than ever. If you spent last night waking up a million times to soothe your toddler, you might not be in the happiest mood right now. There are days like these when you feel so sleep deprived and anxious that even the tiniest thing can make you a dinosaur. And it's not just sleep. Before I had my baby, I liked the fact that I could salvage any situation without sounding like an angry, cranky dinosaur. But everything changed the day I brought home my little bundle of love and together with that came a never ending supply of anxiety often aggravated by the stress …

Teething! Why Are You Such a Pain!

When it came to teething, I had no idea what to expect because my son seemed to have all the symptoms as early as three months. The advice came pouring in with different remedies and interesting debates. I was quite sure that the drooling, finger chewing and runny nose were all good indicators that the pearly whites would pop out soon. The wait lasted six months and the sight of those first two cute teeth was both a relief and surprise as my son showed very little discomfort. But that was just the start and everytime my son settled into a routine, the vicious teething cycle would begin, turning some of our best and beautiful moments into the worst.  Teething left me feeling helpless especially when I could do nothing but guess, hold and comfort my baby during those many sleepless, cranky nights. Teething toys provided momentary relief and once the effect wore off, it was back to rocking, soothing and a desperate wish that those darn teeth would magically appear quickly.
So how can you r…

How Life Changed After I Became a Mom

Life before baby for me was: shopping for hours, choosing things that I wanted (and had to have), taking my own sweet time while I shopped for groceries. I had the luxury of sleeping late on the weekend, waking up hungry and then ordering the unhealthiest food possible. There were days when the husband and I made plans (at 10 pm) to watch some "super cool" movie in a theater and then there were those days when we fought for the remote control (romance or action movie! It was a big deal). It was extremely important to know all the latest songs on the radio, with lyrics and dance moves. If we needed a break, we just had to jump in the car and explore some exciting place. Life was all this and more. More space in bed, more time to shower, more time to eat, more time to sleep, more time to do everything and anything! I'm sure as a parent, you get it!  No matter what advice I received, however much I planned, nothing quite prepared me for life after baby. The night I brought…