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4 Reasons Why The Johnson's Baby Care Collection is Perfect

After a lot of thought and using several 'well known' products,I settled for the Johnson’s range because most of the products do not have an overbearing or strong smell and they suited my baby's skin and hair just fine.

The Johnson’s Baby Care Collection is a very economical pack, certain to benefit a new mother. It's an all-in-one pack that contains the most required baby bath and body items. What's even better is that is comes with an Organic Cotton Baby Romper and a cute Baby Milestone Book.

Apart from being a handy and perfect gift, a new mom using this pack will find that it:

1. Reduces the hassle of buying items separately and is therefore more economical.

2. Contains all the essential items, from a romper to a comb (and even baby wipes!) so no last minute worries but an assurance that you have everything you need.

3. Allows you to record precious memories and moments of your child in the Baby Milestone Book.

4. Can be used to sample all of the best Johnson’s produ…

April Features ! An Update of the TOP(ics) Featured on The Blogger Mommie

Before I begin, I'd like to say "Thank You!" for the many likes, shares and comments in the past month. April was indeed the most productive month of the year for me, The Blogger Mommie and apart from the regular blogs, I have also began to create my own quotes and participate in specific and 'loved' product reviews. I hope you have found this information useful and in case there's a specific product you'd like me to review, we can certainly discuss it and set out some guidelines.
Here's a quote that garnered the most likes on my page in the past month.

Blogging about my everyday experiences still remains my all time favorite and one of the most important things I wrote about was learning to put my phone away in my child's presence. It has by far been a tough experience but I am determined to set the right behaviour rather than wait until it's too late. In a few years time, I don't want to be sitting at home or in a restaurant talking to my …

The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature: Sasha Peterson

My next (and final) featured MoM is more than a friend. Sasha, Sash and I have know each other since we were kids and we also have common cousins but as a Mother, she is certainly a role-model and embodies the modern, calm, cool, adventurous, balanced and very chic Mom. At a kids event, you're likely to see her with her son on her shoulders (something I wish to master someday), at holidays and even otherwise she's there spending every minute with her precious son and with the brightest smile. Read Sash's take on Motherhood. My favorite part is where she talks about equipping herself with patience and strategy because your child is always watching you... so, so important when raising kids today. Her message to Mom's is enduring and will certainly leave you with so much the decisions you make for your child! I guarantee, you'll enjoy reading her take on Motherhood.

Motherhood! The best role I have played till date. I've always lov…

Motherhood Equation Explained


Thought For The Day!


Toddler Activity Zone - Magnet Activity

I am always trying to encourage busy, alone time for my toddler but his attention span is so short and limited. 10 minutes at most! Here's another idea I stumbled on while trying to get my son to be occupied in the car.

This Magnet Activity is a great idea when you're traveling by car or at home when trying to teach 'quiet time' or encourage a toddler to play alone.

You will need a biscuit tin cover (danish cookies anyone?😊) and a couple of magnets. I found the Melissa and Doug Magnets to be very colorful and economical (available choices include farm animals, dinosaurs, cars, alphabets). 

If you do want to purchase them you can use any magnets that might be colorful but remember they should be FLAT magnets (nothing to be swallowed).

The Biscuit tin cover can be used to arrange and  rearrange the magnets, or just about anything! While on a car trip, you can call out the name of the animal, dinosaur etc. so the child stays engaged.

Watch this space for more car and travel a…

Learning to Put My Phone Away When I'm With My Child

"Mamma, close. Close the phone." says my son "and keep it under pillow."
All of two years and my son knows exactly when I'm not giving him my 100 percent. Just five years ago, my phone was nothing but a means to communicate with my husband and friends. In a short span of time, its use has tripled to become a very important part of my world. As a writer, I constantly feel the need to work on something, send an email, write a blog article, message a friend. I'm sure you get my drift.  Every morning when I wake up, I automatically reach for my phone and sometimes, I'm busy checking social media several times a day. A simple incident a couple months back made me rethink this routine and realise why exactly I need to put my phone away when I'm with my child. I was chatting with my husband one evening, telling him about a contest I had participated in. I was very animatedly describing what I was doing to win while my husband was busy scrolling through his p…

Fears and Thoughts That Make Parents Anxious

Social media is full of stories, good and bad. If you happen to check the news there's some frightful incident or other that leaves you with a sense of dread and the more terrifying 'what if' notion that usually takes a few days to fade. This week, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed, I came across an article written by a mother who lost her four year old to a sudden illness. It did not help that my son was peacefully sleeping right next to me while images of the smiling little boy tore my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I could not even finish reading the post because all I wanted to do that very moment was kiss my son, hold him close and dispel the fears that crossed my mind for a fleeting second. Instant access to news everywhere is great but it's also reason why almost every parent suffers some fear or anxiety today. Emails and forwards detailing some horror or the other, videos of caregivers beating tiny babies entrusted to their care, reports of child abuse…

Cancer: Losing The Ones You Love

When I was 11 years old, I came home one evening and found my parents talking in hushed tones. My mother was crying and my dad had a sad, grim expression, that made me really uncomfortable. We (my brother and I) were later told that our aunt had been diagnosed with Cancer. It was the first time I heard this word and I had no idea how devastating this could be. My aunt was only 32 years old, much younger than what I am now, as I write this. She was full of life and laughter, a mother whose world revolved around her daughter. She was soft, loving, caring, at the prime of her life and she was my favorite. Cancer did not see all of that. It just attacked her and slowly proceeded on its evil mission to destroy.  
Diagnosis was just the beginning, when the innumerable hospital visits, tests and questions quite literally decided if she could and was ready to fight this monster or not. While surgery and chemotherapy followed, my aunty had a fierce determination to fight in every possible way s…

Where Did My Angel Go? 4 Tips to Manage the Terrible Two's

A couple weeks back a visit to a store turned into a nightmare when my two year old son had his first public meltdown. He threw himself on the pavement outside the store, rolled, kicked his legs and refused to get up. It was the first time I went completely blank and felt my hands tremble. I tried to remember everything I read about tantrums and the terrible two's. I could remember nothing!

My first thought was to rush over, carry him and disappear as quickly as I could. However, I knew that would not work and he would end up screaming louder leaving me with no choice but to give in to his demand (he wanted a piece of strawberry cake). I only had seconds to think so I chose to walk away and I prayed that would work. I looked him directly in the eye, didn't utter a word, turned around and just began walking. I took a few steps and pretended as if I had received a call, took out my phone and began talking. I could see him get up and walk towards me. Bingo! I walked on. He was run…

Motherhood quote published on a popular Parenting blogging site

Happiness is...
Waking up in the morning to see my quote published as the 'Thought For The Day' on a popular parenting site in India,


Fun and Inexpensive Activity Ideas for Toddlers

My son is two years old and because he gets bored really fast, I'm always looking for fun, inexpensive, extra(ordinary) activities to keep him busy.

I recently posted some of these activities on my blog page and received an enormous response from mom's alike. Sharing three such activities that have been quite a 'hit' with my son in addition to a wonderful bonding experience.

Activity 1, Finger Puppets
You will need: magazine cut outs, straws and cellotape

My son loves the 'finger family' and 'Peppa' so  this idea of making straw puppets was a great activity for both of us.

This activity encouraged him to make up his own conversation and since he's learning to color, he enjoyed scribbling away and coloring the puppets.

To SAVE time, you can keep it simple with just faces or pictures of fruits, vegetables, anything colorful from old magazines and children's books. Use firm and thick images that cannot be torn easily.

Let's make it:
Cut out the require…