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Tips for Choosing The Perfect Sandals for Your Toddler

As summer approaches, the closed shoes and sneakers are replaced with more comfortable options: sandals and beach slippers.

When selecting summer footwear for my son, some of the key features I look for include: durability, support, protection, fit, style and price. All very important for my toddler who loves long walks and running about endlessly.

I have listed below some valuable tips we sometimes tend to miss when shopping for a comfortable pair of toddler sandals.

1. Protection- the style is an important factor for protecting tiny toes because beaches, parks and general play areas can be filled with dangerous objects like sticks, glass etc. I have used both open and closed styles but prefer the closed-toe style because as my son gets more active it protects the toes and prevents them from getting hurt on stubs, twigs and such objects.

2. Style - the choices online and in-store will attract, tempt and spoil your chance of actually picking the most suitable pair of sandals. Choose le…

Pampers! The Ultimate Comfort, Protection and Care For Your Child

My little A has used the Pampers brand from the day he was born. So when I was asked to review this product, I really wanted to share how much it did and continues to benefit us. The premium brand is slightly more expensive than the normal but we were lucky to be gifted a whole pack of premium pampers when he was born. 

I switched to pants when he was nine months old because it was so much easier,came in convenient sizes and was available as both premium and normal. As we gear up for potty training, I certainly feel that this has been the longest brand we have used so far and a special one too.

Here's why I found Pampers to be the best and most suitable option for my son.

Pampers for me, is synonymous with comfort, dryness, softness and every feeling of protection I wanted my baby to have, especially during those first few days after birth when rashes and skin irritation is so common. My child has been using the Pampers brand since the day he was born and I have continued to use it s…

Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath Review

I'm excited to be part of a sponsored review for the Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath product. Having been a 'Johnson's' baby myself, I have always liked the mild, fresh fragrance of the lotion and the bath products.

I have used three of the Johnson's bath products on 'A' and I specifically like the Milk and Rice Bath. 
Here's why: 

Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath was not the first choice for my baby. There were several products I tried but his skin remained dry and flaky in spite of applying moisturiser.

The reason I chose this specific Johnson's bath product is because:
1. It's mild and pleasant fragrance did not cause any skin irritation and the fragrance remained for hours.

2. The combination of milk and rice, kept my baby's skin soft, non-greasy and the best part: no additional moisturiser had to be applied.

3. It comes in two convenient sizes: the 500ml has a pump that makes bath time easy and the 200 ml comes handy while travellin…

Toddlers Bedtime Routine

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Content: The Blogger Mommie 

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The Moment You Realise You've Become a Mother

I can still clearly remember the night we drove to the hospital, full of anticipation, excitement and eagerness to welcome our firstborn. I was quite frankly tired of the big tummy and ready to step into the world of motherhood. Hours later and when I heard him 'squeal' for the first time, I couldn't imagine that this was IT and I was finally a mother. The feeling had sunk in but I could not pinpoint the exact moment of reckoning until we took our bundle of joy home and life began.... He was snug and fast asleep as we laid him on the bed. I was exhausted, hungry and every part of my body ached. It seemed quite normal to proceed to do something I usually did when tired- head straight for a hot, relaxing bath. They say babies have the ability to know when their mother isn't around. Call it sixth sense or magic but it was at that very moment that my very silent baby suddenly began to scream so loud and every ache I had suddenly vanished. It was that exact moment! The momen…

The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature : Tiffany Mathis Adams

This week's featured Mom is a very special friend and ex-colleague, Tiffany. I have not only had the pleasure of working with her but was lucky to meet her a couple years back and have many memorable moments of those few days spent together.  Read Tiffany's thoughts on motherhood and I guarantee you will find comfort in ever word and her message will certainly stay fresh for a very long time. My favorite part (and it's difficult to point to just one) is where she talks about trusting 'your heart' when parenting your child, not wishing your days away and I couldn't agree more. I love her message to mom's especially at a time when I see so many (me included) forget the true essence of motherhood and get caught up with so much responsibility that we forget about ourselves and the very reason we became parents. A beautiful read just in time for the weekend, a comfortable chair, a'hop cuppa' and this beautiful message will certainly make your day.  In her w…

Introducing The Blogger Mommie

So I'm finally taking the next big step and hope to take my mummy rambling to the next level.

Introducing Me: The Blogger Mommie, a first -time everything Mom, navigating the Motherhood maze and learning to cope with the everyday challenges, changes and moments of Motherhood. 
Join me as I talk (maybe rant) and reminiscence some of the most wonderful (and not so err aweaome) days as a mother. 
I'm plain, simple and ready to hear about your own experiences.

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Picture: courtesy me
I thought a great deal about the kind of picture I wanted for my 'big introduction'.I wanted to look my best while I showcase my talent and writing to the world. Well after A LOT of thinking, I realised that when I write, I'm honest, up-front and talk the language of my heart. That's exactly how I want to be seen as well so happy reading and I hope we connect.

LIFE by Jonita Menezes D'almeida

Here's an award winning and beautiful poem 'LIFE' written by our latest and wonderful mommy contributor, Jonita.
This was the FIRST prize winning entry for the 'Nurse's Day' Poetry Competition.

LIFE by Jonita Menezes D'almeida
Life is a amazing sensation for me
It's an ocean of wonderful things,
I want to see those beautiful green trees
and those singing birds on it.
Those running vehicles, flying aeroplanes and 
those slow sailing ships
Mom will you let me grow in your womb?
promise me, you will not take my life 
away from me
Please mom, I want to live
I want to see the beautiful world
I want to become something great
I want all people to remember me
It's in your hands mom to give me life
Or to kill me by abortion
Please mom, don't take away life from me
I want to live
I want to see the beautiful world
The beautiful green trees and
those singing birds on it.
If you'd like to be featured on the Blogger Mommie page, please email
Picture courte…

The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature Kerry!

I have known Kerry since she was a toddler and had the pleasure of watching her grow in to a beautiful woman and amazing mother. The reason I chose to feature her is not only because of her approach to motherhood and parenting skills but also because she has braved being a first-time mom in a country so far away from home, from family and everything familiar. As an expat mum myself, I have often found it difficult without immediate family especially during those initial months when the smallest break away from baby duties can make a huge difference and having someone to help can certainly give you piece of mind. Here's Kerry's take on what she has learnt as a mother. My favorite part is where she talks about the patience to be patient. We've heard patience, yes but how many of us can actually have the patience to be patient? It means you anticipate the worst, you train your mind to accept it and when it does happen you count or breathe....not exactly easy. As a first-time m…

The New Logo!

It's been a while since my designing skills have been put to use and if there's anything I wish, it's a tiny hope that I might have inherited a very small part of my father's beautiful talent and artistic capabilities. 

None the less, it's a start and so I'd like to introduce my absolutely, own design. The smudges and slightly imperfect lines are the marks of Motherhood that I wear with pride.

The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature: Jonita Menezes D'almeida

I'm sharing stories of mum's all over the world and in the next few weeks, The Blogger Mommie page will feature two mum's every week. They'll share stories, advice, their best moments but most importantly they'll give you the 'real deal' about Motherhood and what they've experienced. 
I'm proud and happy to introduce my first mom, Jonita Menezes D'almeida. She talks about life both 'before' and 'after' becoming a Mom and has a special message for all you Mom's who juggle between work, home and motherhood. I love her advice on what she does when she has a HECTIC day and hope you'll enjoy reading her experience.

IN HER WORDS……"Of all the sweet words I know, the sweetest must be mother". This was what I used to scribble as the thought for the day on the blackboard during my high school days without realising the deep inner meaning to it. I realised it when the most awaited day finally came and I became a mom ,was ove…

I am a MOM! Let's Stop The Tags


Stop Bothering and Focus on Being the BEST Parent

While everyone is busy raving and ranting about some parenting issue or choice, I have other worries on my mind. It's not that I don't want to join in and have my say but motherhood has certainly taught me how to tune out when I have my own infinite worries. The current worries may seem trivial: potty training that seemed to have started well has been adandoned. Child proofing equipment has to be reassessed as my son is getting the hang of destroying everything I try to protect. I haven't washed my hair in four days and I am seriously contemplating short hair. The mind is a vicious cycle of thoughts and in the midst of all this my son comes pleading for me to color with him. I realise I cannot escape as he has come equipped with crayons and paper. So I give in and everything else is put on hold for a while. I might be in a mess later, might even be upset that I still have unwashed hair, may want to even vent but I'll deal with it when it happens and here's why: Befo…

My Message for the #StopJudging Campaign

It's Easier Said Than Done!
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Thankyou Dad For Believing In Me

It's been ten years since my father passed away but it still seems like yesterday. I remember every single detail of that day, from the suit he was dressed in, to the smell of his perfume and the sadness that lingered for days, months and the years to come. In the past ten years, I have celebrated the most momentous occasions of my life: my wedding, my first child, my move to another country, all without him. I can only imagine how special it would have been if he were here. To see him smile with that twinkle in his eye, hear him laugh and crack a joke (or two). Unfortunate as it may seem, I was lucky to have had him for 25 years of my life to guide and comfort me during my many ups and downs. He would have been proud of my accomplishments, I definitely know. Like all fathers, my daddy was everything to me and more. He taught me so many things and yet I feel like my time with him was so short. He taught me to fight my battles with dignity right to the end (even if it meant I was lo…

The Blogger Mum Turns One Today

Think big, dream big, and believe big was something my parents always encouraged me to do. As the world celebrates 'Women's Day', I celebrate my own success as a writer, blogging for the past one year. On a rainy March day last year, I posted my first blog and was sure it might be my last. It's never easy to take that first dreaded step and wonder if you'll ever be taken seriously. Beginning something is easy but continuing is so much tougher and there were days I had no idea what to write about. I have come a long way after that first step and I can honestly look back with a sense of happiness that I'm finally getting to do what I always wanted. I've also been lucky to have so many people write me messages or leave comments and that truly did get me motivated and curious to write more.

Blogging on a bigger platform was much scarier because there's always a hint of the 'negative'. Some will love what your write while the others will tear you apar…

What's Your Baby's Weight? The Dreaded Question and My Experience

Baby weight is one of the most irritating and yet common questions you will be frequently bombarded with at every possible occasion after your child's birth. My son, born at 38 weeks was not considered preterm but since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, his weight was constantly monitored during every ultrasound and there began the obsession with weight. He weighed 3.1 kilograms at birth and when we left the hospital he was a few kilograms less, quite expected and common for all babies, we knew. The days that followed were nowhere close to what I expected of motherhood and there came the many questions on weight and whether or not my baby was getting enough to ensure he had that perfect curve on the growth chart.  As you already know, babies cry for a lot of reasons but if all else is fine then everyone will quite literally yell and remind you that 'hunger' is the sole reason for crying. It did not help when my almost five-day old son began with severe reflux and e…