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Baby vs. Mummy! The Battle of Weaning

When I think of how excited I was to start my baby on solids, I should have known how short-lived that excitement would be. Whatever you hear about four months or six months being the ideal age for weaning, every baby is different and you must prepare yourself for one of the strongest battles you will ever have with your baby- food and all its matters.  Which brings me to mine (and at 20 plus months it's still in the active war stage). Someone told me that the biggest sign to indicate that my son was ready for something solid (other than milk) would be his interest and curiosity to eat whatever was in my plate. At his four months check - up he was on track (in weight and coordination) and seemed ready for the first big step into the 'food' world. But as a first time mom and well you know, just generally being a mom, I knew that we still needed to wait for some of those clues that he was ready.  While we waited, I talked to several friends and looked up similar questions on g…