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Early Brain Development! It's Now or Never!

I watch my son squeal in excitement as he fits the final piece of his blocks and claps at the masterpiece in front of him! Every day brings something new and while I'm quick to capture it on my phone, my mind reminds me that this should not just remain a memory in the future. This is something I have to focus on developing and nurturing as my child rapidly grows - the earlier the better! As parents we undeniably want to give our kids the very best of everything. We're constantly looking for things to suit their development and help them reach important milestones. Toys are carefully selected keeping in mind the many ways they can develop the fine hand and eye skills. Activities have to be interesting enough to enhance critical thinking. We also look for many ways to tackle fussy eaters, often turning into creative chefs scouring the Internet for fun recipes. For some of us we'll do anything to see our child happily gulp down that glass of milk and even hope they'll ask …