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Being Daddy's Girl Is OK But Mamma's Boy! NO Way

At a wedding reception, the bride's parents are getting ready to bid farewell to the couple, not before her father tells her that she will always be 'daddy's little girl'. Everyone is touched, has tears in their eyes and the groom, well he nods in agreement.
At another wedding, the groom's parents read out a tearful note on "how much their son means to them". The mother ends by saying her son will always be her little boy. Silence! The expression on the bride and everyone's face says it all. In another completely different scenario, a girl is complemented for her tattoo that lovingly reads 'daddy's princess'. God help a guy who might have a tattoo glorifying his mum because it will surely ensure that he remains single forever. If you have ever attempted to google 'daddy's girl' you will find several lovely quotes and pictures to describe this beautiful bond. To give you an idea, here's one that tops the list: "Daddy, I…

Breastfeeding: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child!

When you're expecting a baby, one of the many things you will see is several ideas and promotions on what to gift your unborn child. From stem cell banking to clothes, photography and birthing experiences everything is so enticing and you want the very best for your child. With the magic of media and advertising, you don't have to worry because there are several options to choose from. You do your research, make your choice and you know it's the best. Looking back at my own experience as a new and first-time mom, I was looking for the advantages and benefits of everything I wanted to give my child. Surprisingly, breastfeeding did not top my list of 'best gifts' mostly because I had no idea about the extensive benefits, not to mention the support and information available to deal with the many challenges that accompany it. I have to admit that being so modern and from a generation that can handle any taboo topic, breastfeeding has somewhat eluded me. I knew I was de…

A Thank you Note to my Teacher's. Happy Teacher's Day!!

A wise man said "A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart". Indeed, I feel lucky to have had several such teachers who took time not only to patiently teach but to nurture and instill strong confidence in (what used to be) a very timid me. It's no secret that I never liked (ok, hated) school and tried every possible trick in the book to skip whenever I could. If it wasn't for a special few, I don't think I would have overcome that feeling and be where I am today. As we celebrate Teacher's Day, I feel the need to thank those teachers who strengthened me in my journey through school and college. I am forever grateful to my special five!! so bear with me as I explain why.

To begin with...

Mrs. Noreen Harris was my kindergarten teacher. I remember crying the entire way on my first day of school. I stopped only when I saw her kind smile and stepped into the class only after her encouraging words. What was special and what I remember most is that she …

Husband in the Delivery Room

A discussion about husband's in the delivery room made me remember why I absolutely wanted mine in the labour room. It was a mutual agreement. Horror stories apart, he knew he was capable of being the strong one (and so did I) until the actual day when I was half-way through labour and no one could find him! and when they finally did, I yelled so loud for him to "get there in a second or else..." He told me later that he was so sure I wasn't going to deliver anytime soon and he was just getting himself prepared for what lay ahead.  To this very day, I remind him of this "great escape" and sometimes go a step further to call him a "chicken" (of course he vehemently denies it and says he was right there, taking a breath of fresh air, haha). But now that our son is almost 19 months we can actually look back and laugh at some of those moments that seemed so serious then. We also feel we should have talked about it more, prepared ourselves a bit extra…