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Postcards From Mommie

'Life is like the Ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.' - Unknown

This is my most precious memory of you because I see your love to explore all things refreshing, simple and beautiful.

No matter where Life takes you my son, I hope you always perceive it to be beautiful like the Ocean and always remember that no trouble big or small lasts forever. Even the biggest, tumultuous waves eventually become calm and peaceful... 


My C-Section Experience

As a first-time Mom and one who comes from a family where all women had normal deliveries, I was terribly misinformed about what to expect during the labor and birth of my child. Normal delivery was the absolute norm and I refused to even think of a C-section as an alternate option.  In the fifth month of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. That is when I began to realise that all hopes for a normal delivery were fading. My doctor was more positive than I was and apart from keeping me well informed of the complications, she also assured me that inducing labor would be the safest and best option, keeping my condition in mind. I spent a couple of days reading articles on induced labor mostly because I wanted to see if the end-result was a successful Normal delivery. But it's important to remember that no birthing story is similar and nothing goes as planned. Keeping yourself informed and prepared with options is the best in any situation. After what seemed like…

Fresh! Soft! and Mild! The Johnson's Laundry Detergent

The hunt for the perfect laundry detergent has ended! 
If you know me or have shopped with me, you will most definitely understand my fascination and determination to find the perfect laundry detergent that's available today.

For a recent review request, I was thrilled to see this launch from Johnson's: cute blue and yellow detergent packs that come in handy 500 ml packs and (bigger) 1L bottles.
I have always preferred mild and natural fragrances for my baby's laundry and the new Johnson's Active Clean Baby Laundry Detergent is exactly what I've been looking for.The reason I chose and recommend this detergent to other Mom's is because:
It keeps clothes fresh and soft and does not have a sticky feeling after the clothes dry.It does not contain bleach or colorant and is therefore mild and a safer alternative.There's no need to separately soak and rinse clothes anymore.The fragrance is mild; designed with natural propolis and green tea it is free of phosphateIt ta…

Irregular Bowel Movement: Toddler Digestive Issues and Remedies

One of the most important occurrences everyday in my home is my son's potty schedule. Most days you will hear loud claps, cheers and a big sigh of relief (from me). On other days, some pleading, crying, and an anxious mother who will not rest unless I hear my son utter the magic words which indicate that bowel movement has been accomplished. If your child has ever suffered with constipation, you will understand why 'potty time' is such a big and important accomplishment everyday. My son sometimes has trouble passing stool but an incident when he was about a year and half, left us certain that we never wanted to see him in such pain and discomfort ever again. 
Constipation, I have learnt is a common digestive problem in babies and toddlers. For my son, It began when he started solids at six months and if you thought seeing your child ill is heart-breaking then watching them suffer to pass hard stools is even more nerve-racking.
The signs of constipation are quite obvious: I kn…

To the One Who Loved Me First: You're My Momspiration

'My Mother....she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.'- Jodi Picoult
As a child, I would often sneak into my mom's shoe closet to wear her shoes. I wanted to be just like her and to me, walking in her shoes seemed like a perfect start. Mummy was the expert: a working mom, she always found time to indulge my passion for 'dolls' by sewing and creating fashionable accessories while paying attention to everything that seemed like a 'big deal' for me back then. Her bedtime stories were the most exciting adventures and remain the most cherished memory of my childhood. Mummy nurtured the talents of both my brother and I, patiently preparing us for  every single story telling, singing, acting, and art competition at school. The treasure trove of awards we have are all attributed to her dedication and patience. She was always involved and present, not the hovering kind but carefully watching fr…

Pampers Pants Style Diapers Gives You Peace of Mind!

The Pampers brand  has been my favourite and the only brand my son has used since birth. The new pants style diapers has several benefits but if you've already been using Pampers, what's new and different about this one? It's specially designed to reduce leaks with its three extra absorb channels technology. This design prevents the wetness from collecting in one place, distributing it evenly throughout the pamper while the magic gel locks the wetness. This keeps your baby dry and protected for longer, especially during the nights, on journeys that might last 10-12 hours or even at home as your child gets more active, running, jumping and rolling around.
In addition:
The flexible waistband, breathable fabric and design ensures proper ventilation, keeping baby's skin fresh. The Pampers Pants have been especially helpful as we begin potty training.

All of these features make the Pampers Pant Style Diapers an economical product worth your money. I highly recommend this produ…

Postcards From Mommie

 'Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realise they were the big things.'
Kurt Vonnegut
I look at this picture and I'm reminded of the things that fascinate you the most. Small things like watching the birds, splashing in the water - things that are simple and can only be appreciated by a child. As you grow my son, never forget that the simple pleasures of life bring the most joy.Its these simple moments that will help you appreciate the true meaning of life.

Teaching my Child to Share... or Not?

One of the first things that I was taught as a child was to share. The family mantra 'sharing is caring' still echoes in my ear and I remember how my parents and grandparents always stressed the importance of sharing. A rather uncomfortable situation last week, made me rethink how I want to rightly imbibe this virtue in my son, without it becoming something that has just been passed down from generations. Ever since my son has been able to comprehend instructions, I have yelled the same mantra over and over again, everywhere we go: 'sharing is caring', 'you must learn to share', 'always share'. It's probably tattooed in his mind because every time someone hands him a chocolate or anything for that matter, he feels the need to share and it doesn't matter who. I'm quite elated when he does this but this incident left me wondering if I need to alter the mantra to include a disclaimer that gives him the right to choose if he wants to share or not…

Steps to Boost a Toddlers Immunity

Every parent dreads the cold and flu season and will do everything required to support their child's developing immune system. My son has had a fair share of viral infections and while I know it's okay for him to fall ill a couple of times, I get extremely sad to see him with a runny nose or high temperature. While minor illnesses like the cold and flu actually helps to strengthen and develop a child's immune system, it's important to focus on several factors that can boost immunity so that a child will fall sick less. 
As a Mom, 'Immunity' is quite possibly the most important word for me as I have learnt ways to develop and strengthen my son's immune system.  1. A healthy diet: the most challenging and yet the most important, achieving this has not been completely impossible. Getting my son to eat fruits and vegetables everyday is something we are still working on but starting early has made this slightly easier. Green leafy vegetables, pulses like dal, citr…