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Dear Nursery Rhymes...Please Give Me a Break!

If someone had to predict that I'd be singing nursery rhymes in my 30's, I would have labelled them 'delusional'. As a child, I don't think I ever heard or for that matter knew so many nursery rhymes. The ones I knew were simple, sometimes kinda boring, full of action songs that my mother would make me repeat several times (with actions) much to my irritation and her joy. The birth of my niece ten years ago did not change that and she was introduced to a (somewhat better) line up of rhymes. It still never made a big difference to me and I often wondered why parents subjected their kids to boring nursery rhymes when they could be doing something more interesting like building a lego house or coloring pictures. Nine years later, my Baby A was born! and I know now how it all begins. What started as a means to distract is now in full swing with no signs of stopping. Plus, my upbeat list of Billboard Top 100 has been replaced by "The Wheels on the Bus" and &q…

10 Things I Learnt After Becoming a Mother

I've Learnt
To ignore the stares when my child screams (in the supermarket) or embarrasses me (with a wack on my face) because he's really just being...a child and this too shall pass.

I've learnt...
That everyday is 'figure it out' day and there's no explanation why a perfectly great day can spiral into an insane mess and then back to normal.

I've learnt...
That it's okay when people judge my parenting skills (because they've been there done that) and think I'm making the wrong choices for my child. They're entitled to their opinion after all.

I've learnt...
That somedays will be happy, funny, simply super days while most days will be spent in a battlefield of toys, food spills, pillows, (you name it) and I'm lucky if the day ends in a peaceful truce.

I've learnt...
That I am sometimes not a perfect mom but I always have my baby's well being in mind and strive to be my best everyday (even if I don't do things the way I'm supp…

Becoming a CHILD to raise a CHILD

As I brush my teeth this morning, I look in the mirror to see my Baby A making faces and imitating my every move. It seems like the funniest thing in the world to him. So I join in and make some funny faces too and that has him in splits. For those few moments, I forget about the tasks ahead of me, the worries and troubles that every parent faces today. For those precious few minutes, I am a child again and for that I am indeed grateful to my son. Dealing with some situations with your toddler (not to be confused when disciplining a child) requires a childish approach. In the past 15 months the child in me has hijacked my adult reasoning several times and this does not happen instantly because the 'adult me' is impatient, wants the job done quick, sometimes serious and several steps ahead (trying to figure out what I have to do next). While my childish self is more laid back and accepting, patient and actually funny. Recently, while shopping, Baby A was extremely bored and ma…

Is there really a difference? working or stay-at-home Mom!

In light of some recent comments on being a stay-at-home mom, I felt the need to write this. Before I begin, I want to convey my own point of view- that there really is very little difference between a woman whose choice is to work and financially support her family (a very important requirement in today's world) or a SAH (stay-at-home) Mom who chooses to give up her career and care for her child. Both, two opposite sides of a coin seem so very different but have the same outcome. The WELFARE of a child. I have seen both sides and I can truthfully say that both come with their share of worry, happiness, interospection and concern. To give you a better picture of what I'm trying to convey:
1. A working mom thinks and worries about her child throughout her day (it's countless). A SAH mom will think about how different her life would have been as a working mom (at least a couple of times during the day).
2. A working mom has to complete several tasks based on her job role an…

All for the LOVE of Baby. Learning to be Brave.

My horoscope last week mentioned that I would ' learn to be brave'. I never usually believe in these readings but 'brave' I sure have become. I don't think we truly know how much a baby can alter our thoughts until they're born. I remember thinking so many things while pregnant with my Baby A. Things like, I will not spoil him, never panic, cry during his vaccinations or smother him with possessiveness......the list is endless. If there's one thing I want to tell new moms, it's never to set up such silly expectations as they will be out the window as soon as baby comes along. Holding Baby A when he was born made me as 'fearful as hell'. No matter how much I read, all the stories I heard, nothing prepared me for those first scary moments. Was I holding him the right way? how would I change his nappy, or bathe him? (these questions have tripled every month). Panic had no bounds for the first few days. Every time he cried I felt my heart beat faste…

Postcards from Mommie - I Loved You First

'When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.'
- William Shakespeare

One day you will no longer want to hold my hand or touch my face with your tiny fingers. The kisses will slowly diminish and you won't need me to scare the monsters anymore. Time will change things but I do not fear my son....

When I first saw you, your little fingers gripped mine so tight. It was that moment I knew that no matter how life changes, you'll always know that I loved you first and I always will.


Weight Oh Weight my Baby! When your baby's weight bothers you.

Baby weight is one of the many things you will have to deal with during your child's first (at least five) years. You will be hounded with questions about weight right from delivery day (and there's no telling when it will end). Dealing with this will be a combination of:  frustration-trying to figure if your baby is the right weight or not. irritation-when every second person feels the need to "comment" on your child's weight and confusion-dealing with people will never fail to remind you how 'thin' your child is or that his chubby cheeks are way too chubby.  Even if your one of those people who 'couldn't possibly care', I guarantee that you will somehow, someday think about it and worry. Baby A loved (notice the past tense) to eat and he was a healthy baby right on track with his weight. However, I had a lot of such comments to deal with and although I chose to ignore them, I was still worried. An important thing to remember is that baby weight …

Sun, Sand and Baby!!!Some things to look out for on your vacation!

Baby A and I are on vacation. It's the most relaxing and exciting destination I could ever wish for - my mother's house! This isn't his first visit to grandma's, but Baby A has taken time, some tears and several cranky moments to adapt, and he seems to be enjoying this new environment. In the past two weeks we've gone from travel lag, adjusting to new sleep schedules, eating woes to diarrhoea! whew! throw in a few family get togethers and trips around town. It's a fully packed vacation with a lot of learning and unexpected moments. Here's a list of things to look out for while on vacation (especially one that involves anything I've mentioned above).

Any sort of travel lag, either train or plane will set in only a couple of days after the actual travel. So if you find your toddler sleeping a bit more or less during those first few days, prepare yourself because the storm is yet to come! It gets better as they adjust so it's important to be consisten…

A Mother is Everything......and more! So make everyday HER day!

My article for a Mother's Day contest.

Everyday IS Mother's Day because Mom's play a vital role in every aspect of a person's life (we don't need flowers and all the fanfare to celebrate her presence everyday!). From the start to the end, a mother's day revolves around her children and family never stopping for a moment to think of herself. She's a little bit of everything and slips into several roles during her day: your playmate as a child (way before the ones you found at school), a teacher to help you with the toughest of life's lessons, a guide during your most trying times, a fancy chef cooking up the yummiest dishes, not to forget, your very own 'google' (for all those "what" questions you had as a kid). She's a healer when your down or ill, your biggest fan (cheering the loudest) at every contest, and the only person who will:
wipe your tears and make you smile.
always remind you about stuff you forget (birthdays, bills an…