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Is There Hope Even In Darkness (A Short Story)

She couldn't take it anymore. She decided that today was going to be the day. The bottle of milk in her hand was hot, the baby, finally asleep would soon be awake and hungry. She placed the bottle of milk on the messy table, (another reminder of how similar her life was) walked out the door and never looked back. It was a short walk and one she had often thought about. It was a hot day (another reminder of the hot milk and her peaceful baby). Should she go back? No. It would all be over soon. No one would care. Mallika quickly finished the last of the vessels in her sink all while contemplating a relaxing afternoon ahead. The shrill screaming of her neighbours baby made her wince. So much for that nap, she thought. It would probably take another half an hour for that baby to stop yelling. The neighbours had recently moved in and although Mallika had made several attempts to get to know them and offer help, the couple seemed offhand(ish) and refused to share any details except the…

Tell Your Parents Today....Not Tomorrow

A heartwarming post by a girl who lost her parents has gone viral and is being shared by thousands since it was posted on Facebook. In her message, the girl shares her tragic story of how losing her parents at a young age of 18 has left her alone, to shoulder many responsibilities both financial and household. Her message is clear and similar to many I have seen before (including my own): to appreciate your parents, while you still have them and never postpone plans you have for them because while tomorrow is certain, there is no guarantee for what fate has in store for us or our loved ones. I couldn't help but feel her sense of despair and the sudden burden of having to face the world alone with no one to support her. The loss was only too familiar to me. At 25, I lost my father and although I knew that his condition was deteriorating, nothing prepared me for that dreadful day when I was suddenly left with a big void and so many things I wanted to say but couldn't. Crying was…

Beauty After Baby

It's Thursday afternoon, I'm in a crumpled t-shirt, shorts and terribly tousled hair. It's been this way for quite a while and every time I visit a salon, my cute little toddler finds many ways to mess up my lovely, styled, nice smelling hair, or cause the neatly painted nail varnish to chip. After many such visits, I soon realised I could save time, money and my own feelings of regret by insourcing my beauty regime (to myself) and it has been working well (except for the permanently tossed hair).  Recently, and thanks to all these beauty magazines I suddenly felt very "unpretty". I don't typically feel this way because (as mentioned earlier) I was very happy with my insourcing regime and my dear husband has never ever made a bad comment about my appearance. In fact, I remember how several times after our son's birth I sat teary eyed, with puke and yes, tousled hair all because I felt ugly and he would convince me that I was the same pretty girl he fell …

An Interview with a Mom

Every mother has a story to share. A story that details triumphs and tribulations, success and failures. The many instances where they chose this over that, or something over something else. When the Internet didn't exist and Google (well forget Google), I have wondered how our mothers managed to do it all in an era where nothing came easy and choices never really existed. While pregnant and after my son was born, I have often grilled my mother about her parenting choices. Did she struggle to raise two children? Was she able to juggle family and work? How did she know what to do in times of distress when Google and Facebook never existed? (and then more annoying questions like) Did she love my brother more than me? Did she regret leaving her job to raise us? I'm sure, you have had numerous mother-daughter talks that have left you wanting answers to so many questions. Which brings me to my Interview with a Mom. I look at my son, a mere 18 months and I wonder if he will someday …

A Miscarriage is also a Loss

Somewhere today a woman is crying. Silent tears of sadness only she can understand. It's all too familiar to me because five years ago, I too sat crying for a loss I could never understand. So why do I feel the need to share my story? Well, to highlight that Miscarriages are most often hushed up, passed off as a common occurrence, leaving the woman no time to absorb her feelings, with no warm and gentle thoughts to help her cope and no room for empathy because it's usually swept under the carpet.

It was my birthday, I was approximately eight weeks pregnant and the look of concern on my doctor’s face was evident. I was quickly taken for an Ultrasound where another doctor quite coldly declared "there's nothing there". I mustered the courage to ask what he meant and he just said "no growth, it must have been deformed". A nurse walked in later and made every effort to cheer me up by informing me that I was young enough and would have many more babies later, …

Morherhood Can Sometimes Be Lonely

Motherhood has had me "gaga" from the moment I knew I was pregnant. The precious moments and bliss that I experience can never be compared to the years of "free-spirited" fun I had before my son was born. In fact, becoming a mom has left me hardly any time to even think of what I might be missing or have given up. It's a phase of my life that has given me cause to connect and be surrounded by so many people "just like me". But, in all earnesty Motherhood, has sometimes left me a tad bit lonely and terrified of the enormous responsibility that lies ahead of me, of the many moments I have to learn and maybe fail until I become a better mom, of the many times I will have to be the leader and take charge of the situation (because I'm the Mom). Like, the day after my son was born and all the well wishers had gone. I couldn't have felt more lonely and terrified to be left with a little baby and have no idea if I was doing the right thing. (or) A rec…

Toddler Rules! Let the Games Begin!

Since my son turned one, I've been living life in the fast lane: a life full of excitement that's sometimes filled with (dangerous) activities of the "toddler kind". Welcome to the magical phase where everything you say will somehow fall on deaf ears or provide the mischief-maker a valuable tip off (mom hates this so let me keep doing it) leaving you with a defiant toddler, a bad headache and the urge to bury your head under a pillow.  

This is the current story of my life, maybe yours too and unlike the earlier "baby phase" that had me oohing and aahing at every action, move and reaction, this one adds a different element of surprise. Having a toddler means that I sometimes have to throw all my rules out the door and really live by his because I know this is never going to last forever. It will only be a matter of time when this phase will be replaced by an even more insane one. So after several debates with other mommies I know and comparing my own experi…