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A Mom and Her Mobile Phone

I have always been extremely careful with my belongings. So when I bought a mobile phone three years back, it was no different and I looked after it with the utmost care and vigilance. It was wiped clean every single night, carefully placed in a pouch (and then) in my bag. It did not have any unnecessary applications so there was a lot of space especially for software updates. There were no scratches or scrapes and it had the neatest, cleanest cover that made it look extremely nice. If you love your phone, you will know exactly what I mean.  My phone was my constant companion during my long rides home after work, at times when I would have otherwise died of boredom, on a train, in a queue, anywhere I had to sit idle for a couple of hours. I always knew exactly where my phone was and made sure the battery never went below 50%. The latest songs were quickly downloaded, always refreshed and the picture gallery, ha! the picture gallery had an endless array of pictures exclusively of 'M…

As You Blow Out The Candles, I Recall Precious Memories

As my son blows out the candles on his birthday cake, the past two years flicker before my eyes. Like those candles that burned bright only for a few minutes, it seems like everything went by so quickly.  There are many things I am thankful for but the ones that top the list are the most unforgettable moments I've spent watching my son grow. These moments have reminded me why I chose to become a mom, made me realise a fierceness I never quite imagined I had to love and protect someone. They have been my rainbow after a storm, the essence of my journey (so far) through motherhood.  There are certain moments that will forever stay alive in the mind and for me, these are just a handful that I would love to share with my son someday. The birth day 'cry'! To begin with, I have to admit that in spite of viewing several videos and reading many stories of those first moments after birth, nothing prepared me for the rush of emotions I felt when I heard him cry for the first time. No so…

Early Nutrition: Is Your Baby Getting the Right Nutrients?

One of my biggest concerns as a new mom was wondering if my son was getting the right amount of nutrients to aid his growth and development. Weaning wasn't a grand success because most of the food ended up on the floor making me more concerned. A quick reminder here is to remember that although milk is still the most important source of nutrients, introducing the right calories, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals is equally important. So what exactly are the essential vitamins and minerals that your baby needs? In addition to Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc they also require the following vitamins to boost the immune system and protect against diseases. Vitamin A: required for vision and bone growth. Vitamin B12: the most important vitamin that helps develop your baby's brain and nervous system. Vitamin C: for a healthy immune system and to repair the red blood cells. Vitamin E: to strengthen the blood circulation system  Vitamin D: to help boost the immune system, bo…