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A Letter to Moms Fighting Postpartum Depression

Dear Mom, I'll get right to the point but before I do, I want you to know that you are not alone. In spite of what everyone would have told you about motherhood being the greatest experience, you maybe feeling the exact opposite right now. The first few days and weeks after delivery will leave you exhausted and the mixed emotions may certainly be confusing (both for you and the people around you). You might be trying to put up a brave front while you fall apart behind closed doors, crying inconsolably, wondering if things will ever be the same again. I see you brave mom, because just like you I've walked that path of confusion and darkness. I had my share of postpartum depression (PPD), some symptoms of the baby blues perhaps. The sad truth about PPD is that it remains largely undetected because support and awareness is extremely low. Although it's a fact that every new mom experiences the initial 'blues', many feel that PPD is an extreme condition that new moms expe…

Motherhood is the True Test of Patience

I always felt that the one virtue I possessed quite naturally and in abundance was patience. It was easy to be patient by taking a few short breaths, counting one to ten, tuning out or simply just letting things go and enduring the situation (waiting in a long queue, dealing with an irritating person, you know!) Motherhood was a reality check that made me realise how wrong I was.  Today would have been a great day if I had not woken up with a pounding headache and a feeling like my head would explode. My toddler son (who usually wakes up late) decided that this was the best day for "early to rise" and as fate would have it, Murphy's law came to pass in every possible scenario this morning. I was barely able to drag myself to the washroom when I heard him plead for "milk". Everyday it's mostly me pleading with him to gulp his mug of milk in the morning. So I calmly promised I would give it to him as soon as I finished washing my face. But no... Toddlers love …