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4 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas for a Fussy Eater

The biggest question on my mind and my toddler's lips everyday: what's for snack? Initially it was very easy to put something together and in case the dish failed to impress, there was always cookies and milk to save the evening.  However I soon realized the importance of a filling 'snack'. Apart from the energy boost, a snack is the best way to ensure adequate nutrient intake each day. Becoming a mom meant that my cooking skills were put to the ultimate test and I soon realised that snack time would become the most important meal - and most likely one to help conquer all my fussy eaters food choices.
So I quickly began scouring the Internet for fun, healthy snack recipes that were QUICK and EASY. I couldn't wait to try them for my son but If only it were that easy! My picky eater seemed to dislike every possible ' healthy snack' that I sometimes took great effort to plan. This is where a call to my mum gave me lots of ideas and the courage to tackle the si…