Introducing The Blogger Mommie

So I'm finally taking the next big step and hope to take my mummy rambling to the next level.

Introducing Me: The Blogger Mommie, a first -time everything Mom, navigating the Motherhood maze and learning to cope with the everyday challenges, changes and moments of Motherhood. 
Join me as I talk (maybe rant) and reminiscence some of the most wonderful (and not so err aweaome) days as a mother. 
I'm plain, simple and ready to hear about your own experiences.

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Picture: courtesy me
I thought a great deal about the kind of picture I wanted for my 'big introduction'.I wanted to look my best while I showcase my talent and writing to the world. Well after A LOT of thinking, I realised that when I write, I'm honest, up-front and talk the language of my heart. That's exactly how I want to be seen as well so happy reading and I hope we connect.