It's OK to have a C-section!

A birth plan was something I did not bother about too much when I was pregnant. I secretly hoped (no, I knew) I would have an uncomplicated, normal delivery because 1) I walked a lot and exercised actively during my pregnancy (Aha!). 2) My mom shared her birth story of how I popped out with such ease and more quickly than anticipated (Hurrah!). 3) I followed all the advice and instructions my doctor gave me and most of our discussions were very positive (Lah-de-dah!). And finally, 4) I prayed to God everyday assuming he'd do the trick and give me that perfect birthing experience (Hm!) . So in spite of being a little on the short side, I consoled myself because my mom is short and I knew many like me who had lovely birthing experiences. 
Alas, not so lucky indeed because 18 hours into labor, I managed to dilate to a measly one centimeter. So amid all the beeping machines, an epidural that was topped four times and the look on my husband's usually calm face(that meant something was wrong), I was ready for anything to be done at that moment to bring my baby out. So 18 hours and an emergency c-section later, my son came screaming into the world. Healthy and adorable, I got to glimpse him for five minutes before he was whisked off to the NICU. 
I later learnt that the reason I failed to dilate quickly was because my baby's shoulder managed to get stuck. A normal delivery would have been impossible, not to mention dangerous in that situation. A c-section saved the situation and apart from the fact that my cutie was born with a 'cone head' being stuck for many hours (that disappeared thank God! before I even saw it) my family was happy. However, the one thing I noticed was the need to explain to almost everyone the reason why a normal delivery failed. Here I was trying to be strong and bear the pain, thinking what difference could it possibly make? because both, equally painful resulted in the same - the birth of a baby. But at the back of my mind I felt angry. Angry that I had not prepared myself, that I had wanted, no, set my sights on a "normal delivery" (possibly from watching all those darn movies), that I had to explain, only to be told, "we told you not to try for a normal delivery."  It was tough.
In a normal situation I would never have cared but the raging hormones and experience added to the stress. That's why I write this piece. To tell you that it's OK to have had a Cesarean delivery. There's a reason behind it and it's not the latest trend (as some people will tell you). It's been around as early as the first millennium. It doesn't make you any less of a mother and It won't stop you from enjoying being active with your child. Never fall in to the trap of wanting a normal delivery because your grandmothers, your mother (and not to forget your neighbors wife, or some unknown lady) all had normal deliveries. Make a birth plan if you must but never set it in stone thinking it will all go as planned. I write this mainly for mom's who have had a c-section and were not happy about it. Well, I've made my peace. I rest my case. 
Moms, I would love to hear your thoughts on a c-section delivery and share your experiences. Thank you for reading.