The Day He said Mamma....

February 5, 2015: the day my life changed. Forever! That's the day he was born, my precious son. The day I became a mom. Congratulations and blessings complete, my son was handed to me and everything went fast forward from then. If only I knew how chaotic my world had just become.

One year and a few days later.....

February 11, 2016: my actual eureka moment as a mom. He said it.... he said Mamma! This was the day I had been waiting for. So I clapped ever so loud, made a big celebration noise and made him repeat it over and over again (much to his surprise and then irritation). I didn't stop there; I had to save it - for life, for memory, forever. So I recorded it, took several videos too, (just in case) he forgot the word as quickly as he said it.
It took one long year but the moment my son said "mamma" was by far better than the first time I laid eyes on him. It was that exact moment that I realised that every little struggle encountered in the past year was worth it (and as a first time mom, you know those struggles are endless). You see, motherhood (for me and maybe some of you as well) was like flipping through channels on a television. To give you an idea: one moment drama, with both me and baby crying (him because he's hungry and me because I'm sleepy). Comic the next due to the extreme intensity and sound of farts and burps that my tiny little munchkin was capable of. On to fantasy, where I wished it was somehow possible to sleep undisturbed, for many hours. Sometimes historical, where I revisited those nine, long months and wished I was a little more patient. And finally, not to forget, horror, when I realised that the warm spring of water hitting my sleepy face at 2 a.m. was exactly what I thought it was...pee!

As funny as it all sounds, it was extremely difficult at times with all the sleepless nights, thoughts of whether I was doing the right thing and the choices that had to be made (breastfeed or not, sleep train or not, go back to work or not...) for the tiny new life that depended on me so much. Everything vanished the moment my son said Mamma. This was all the encouragement I needed to go forward. I could fight a hundred battles and get through the toughest phases with the echo of his voice saying Mamma.

It's been a while now since that day and now it's more or less like a record player, stuck,  playing my favorite tune...... the one that goes mamma, mamma, maaammaaaa, mamma, maaa, maa. I love it! I could listen to it forever. 

Do let me know how you felt when your child first called you Mom and thanks for reading.

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