As You Blow Out The Candles, I Recall Precious Memories

As my son blows out the candles on his birthday cake, the past two years flicker before my eyes. Like those candles that burned bright only for a few minutes, it seems like everything went by so quickly. 
There are many things I am thankful for but the ones that top the list are the most unforgettable moments I've spent watching my son grow. These moments have reminded me why I chose to become a mom, made me realise a fierceness I never quite imagined I had to love and protect someone. They have been my rainbow after a storm, the essence of my journey (so far) through motherhood. 
There are certain moments that will forever stay alive in the mind and for me, these are just a handful that I would love to share with my son someday.
The birth day 'cry'!
To begin with, I have to admit that in spite of viewing several videos and reading many stories of those first moments after birth, nothing prepared me for the rush of emotions I felt when I heard him cry for the first time. No song or tune, nothing can ever come close to that magical sound that hailed me as a mother.
The first time he smiled. Hopefully it wasn't 'gas'! 
So there I was, finally, someone I always wanted be and yet those first few days challenged everything I thought I knew about motherhood. Just when I felt like I had no idea about this whole 'mom' thing, that's when he flashed a big, reassuring toothless smile as if to say "Mom, you're doing the right thing". Of course you know what everyone says about the initial smiles but it sure gave me a lot of hope and made me a better mom.
Relying on my 'heart' when it came to those  magical milestones !
I soon became his biggest fan, cheering like a maniac when he achieved a milestone and silently reminding myself that he won't remain a baby forever. So I did everything that the experts tell you not to do. I rocked him, sang to him, carried him, held him for hours if he refused to sleep. Yes, when I think of those moments, I realise there was a lot of panic sometimes and yet, I'm so glad I did what my heart told me to.
He said 'Mama'!
It took a while to get accustomed to the concept of 'zero' privacy and in spite of being constantly followed around the house I couldn't wait to hear him say 'mamma'. That was the happiest day by far and I'm quite certain that my eagerness to make him repeat it (over and over) gave him the confidence to scream it quite often thereafter. "Mamma" has been uttered a million times so far but it will never lose its charm and I won't forget that feeling of sheer joy the day he said it.
As the days go by, I can see the wave of independence coming and I know that day isn't very far. Although there will be a million more like these, I know for sure that every year when he blows out those candles, I'll be thinking of the precious ones that have made me the mother I am today. 
Do share your most memorable moments of motherhood and thank you fo taking the time to read dear Moms!