A Mom and Her Mobile Phone

I have always been extremely careful with my belongings. So when I bought a mobile phone three years back, it was no different and I looked after it with the utmost care and vigilance. It was wiped clean every single night, carefully placed in a pouch (and then) in my bag. It did not have any unnecessary applications so there was a lot of space especially for software updates. There were no scratches or scrapes and it had the neatest, cleanest cover that made it look extremely nice. If you love your phone, you will know exactly what I mean. 
My phone was my constant companion during my long rides home after work, at times when I would have otherwise died of boredom, on a train, in a queue, anywhere I had to sit idle for a couple of hours. I always knew exactly where my phone was and made sure the battery never went below 50%. The latest songs were quickly downloaded, always refreshed and the picture gallery, ha! the picture gallery had an endless array of pictures exclusively of 'ME'. The ringtone was always some funky new famous song and calls never went unanswered because the ring volume was always at a comfortable setting, one that could be HEARD no matter how unimaginably distant I was. 
I always found it funny when I came across a mom who could never find her phone, even in her own bag. I cringed whenever I saw one hand her phone to a child without even flinching and I never quite understood how someone (with kids) managed to drop their phone in a bucket of water. Well, lucky me because I soon had all these mobile related doubts cleared when I became a mom!
From the day my son was born my mobile phone has perpetually been on silent mode. I did have the ringer on a couple times but as fate would have it, the silly thing would always ring out loud when I least expected- when my son had just fallen fast asleep, when I managed to fall fast asleep, when I just got into the shower, when it was miles away in some distant corner of the house and I could not get to it... you know. The funniest thing that made me go back to 'silent mode' happened a few weeks back while I was at a clinic and suddenly heard what sounded like Spanish music and the husky voice of Enrique Iglesias singing "Bailando". While I waited for the owner to pick up, I tapped my foot to the rhythm and wondered why the people around seemed annoyed. It took me a while to realise that it was indeed my phone and I had no idea because I'd quite forgotten the ring tone (which was one I had months before my son was born). I have to admit that the stares I received were quite embarrassing and unforgettable.
The mystery of the lost phone has finally been solved because quite honestly, I misplace my phone several (make that uncountable) times a day. Initially, whenever we went out, I'd end up frantically searching for my phone (and quite certain I lost it somewhere). It did not help that the phone was on 'silent mode' and after a lot of panic I would usually end up finding it either in my pocket or at the bottom of the diaper bag. After a lot of angry stares and 'telling off' from the husband, I decided to quit carrying it around. I now leave it in the car or some place safe, preferably one that's easy to remember.
Remember how I said my phone never had unnecessary applications? Well, it all started when I was pregnant. It was so tempting to have the latest pregnancy application that generated all those cute baby bump updates and then afterwards I found an app that saved all my baby's precious moments, another that had the most wonderful lullabies. I also needed one to track my son's growth and milestones, another one to keep track of feeding, another....and before I knew it, my phone screen had no space becaus it was filled with so many baby applications. One of my resolutions this year is to scan my phone and delete all unwanted apps. I haven't even started yet but the year is still young and resolutions take time, don't they?
The latest chart busters have all been replaced with nursery rhymes, short stories or anything that can distract during long car and plane journeys and when all else has failed. When we travel long distances, it's sometimes my biggest saviour when I'm tired of talking, pointing out the window or when I just want my son to wind down a bit.
In the past year my phone has crashed three times, the battery has been replaced twice and the scratches are increasing everyday. Battery charge is another huge problem because it reduces to 0% quite fast and gets completely drained exactly when it's time to leave the house and there's no time to charge it. I am constantly prompted to delete files because of insufficient space and all because I cannot stop saving an infinite number of pictures or videos of my son. I also understand how easy it is for a phone to fall into the weirdest places ( like a bucket of water), the kitchen sink, laundry basket (anymore fun places?).
In spite of all this and the undivided opinion of its 'evil' presence, I have to admit that my phone has been a saviour and companion many times in the past two years. If I had to define being a mother, I would say that just like my phone, it has been filled with bumps, scratches and scars I have sustained along the way. There were several instances where the 'battery' had to be recharged, even replaced (with help from someone). But with a lot of love and care, it has been able to meet its purpose so far and although it may go kaput and stop working one day, I'll never forget how precious it was to me.
It would be great to hear if you've faced similar experiences and would love to hear your funny mobile stories as well. Thank you for reading.