Toddler Activity Zone - Magnet Activity

I am always trying to encourage busy, alone time for my toddler but his attention span is so short and limited. 10 minutes at most! Here's another idea I stumbled on while trying to get my son to be occupied in the car.

This Magnet Activity is a great idea when you're traveling by car or at home when trying to teach 'quiet time' or encourage a toddler to play alone.

You will need a biscuit tin cover (danish cookies anyone?😊) and a couple of magnets. I found the Melissa and Doug Magnets to be very colorful and economical (available choices include farm animals, dinosaurs, cars, alphabets). 

If you do want to purchase them you can use any magnets that might be colorful but remember they should be FLAT magnets (nothing to be swallowed).

The Biscuit tin cover can be used to arrange and  rearrange the magnets, or just about anything! While on a car trip, you can call out the name of the animal, dinosaur etc. so the child stays engaged.

Watch this space for more car and travel activities and let me know if your little one had fun with this activity. If you enjoyed  my article, do share, like and follow my page "The Blogger Mommie" on Facebook.