4 Reasons Why The Johnson's Baby Care Collection is Perfect

After a lot of thought and using several 'well known' products,I settled for the Johnson’s range because most of the products do not have an overbearing or strong smell and they suited my baby's skin and hair just fine.

The Johnson’s Baby Care Collection is a very economical pack, certain to benefit a new mother. It's an all-in-one pack that contains the most required baby bath and body items. What's even better is that is comes with an Organic Cotton Baby Romper and a cute Baby Milestone Book.

Apart from being a handy and perfect gift, a new mom using this pack will find that it:

1. Reduces the hassle of buying items separately and is therefore more economical.

2. Contains all the essential items, from a romper to a comb (and even baby wipes!) so no last minute worries but an assurance that you have everything you need.

3. Allows you to record precious memories and moments of your child in the Baby Milestone Book.

4. Can be used to sample all of the best Johnson’s products and check if they suit your baby.

I highly recommend this product, not just as a gift but for all mom's looking for a little of everything in one pack. This cute collection is available in Pink, Purple and Blue. Items may differ in each pack. This product was a 11-piece set in Pink. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: No free samples were used for the above review. The product was purchased from Amazon.


  1. I love the Johnson &a Johnson lavender scented nighttime lotion!


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