To the One Who Loved Me First: You're My Momspiration

Happy Mother's Day!
You're Our MOMspiration

  'My Mother....she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.'- Jodi Picoult

As a child, I would often sneak into my mom's shoe closet to wear her shoes. I wanted to be just like her and to me, walking in her shoes seemed like a perfect start. Mummy was the expert: a working mom, she always found time to indulge my passion for 'dolls' by sewing and creating fashionable accessories while paying attention to everything that seemed like a 'big deal' for me back then. Her bedtime stories were the most exciting adventures and remain the most cherished memory of my childhood. Mummy nurtured the talents of both my brother and I, patiently preparing us for  every single story telling, singing, acting, and art competition at school. The treasure trove of awards we have are all attributed to her dedication and patience. She was always involved and present, not the hovering kind but carefully watching from a distance, ready to fight tooth and nail if anyone dared to harm us. 

Mom was a teacher by profession but I loved hearing about how she wanted to be a nurse. It was no surprise as both job roles not only require a ton of patience and the will to stay strong but also involve putting others needs first, something my mother always did and continues to do. It is this endearing quality that makes her the strong and resilient woman that she is today, the very reason that inspires me to be like her.

As a teacher, she was passionate about her job and worked tirelessly, often late in the night, sometimes on weekends creating charts, checking workbooks, writing notes. Her students were her 'children' too as she nutured and cared for them just like she did for us. The late nights and running around finally took a toll on her health so when she quit her job to stay home I was the happiest. As a stay-at-home mom today, I realise the immense sacrifices she made and how some of those decisions must have been so tough but vital in shaping the future of her children.

A couple of years ago, when my father fell ill, mum became his sole caregiver, spending every waking moment of her day taking meticulous care of him. It was a mix of sadness and awe because I never quite imagined the outer strength she had until that moment, when I saw her caring for him. Some days it broke my heart when he couldn't recognise her because of his illness. Yet mummy never let the stress of this responsibility affect her emotions. I'm sure it must have been the toughest phase in her life but she never stopped hoping for a miracle, cheerfully taking each day in her stride, positive that the worst was behind. Patience and positivity have always been and continue to be her greatest virtues. When my father passed away it was she who stood strong like a pillar, motivating us to carry on his legacy and guiding us through the pain. 

As I write this tribute to the biggest inspiration in my life, I can only hope that everything I say and do celebrates her awesomeness 'everyday' and not just on Mother's Day. Mummy was the first one to love me unconditionally... in return I choose to carry forward the values, the love, the patience, the support and the encouragement as I learn to be a mother to my son and brave the many challenges I might have to face. 

Happy Mother's Day darling Mummy, Rita! You are my forever Inspiration!

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  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. You're right: deciding to leave the workforce and stay at home at the expense of following your passions is a huge sacrifice, though not without benefits.

  3. This is so sweet. Your mom sounds like such a fantastic women, a great mom and a great role model.

  4. This is so sweet! Your mom sounds like an amazing lady and a great role model!


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