Early Brain Development! It's Now or Never!

I watch my son squeal in excitement as he fits the final piece of his blocks and claps at the masterpiece in front of him! Every day brings something new and while I'm quick to capture it on my phone, my mind reminds me that this should not just remain a memory in the future. This is something I have to focus on developing and nurturing as my child rapidly grows - the earlier the better!
As parents we undeniably want to give our kids the very best of everything. We're constantly looking for things to suit their development and help them reach important milestones. Toys are carefully selected keeping in mind the many ways they can develop the fine hand and eye skills. Activities have to be interesting enough to enhance critical thinking. We also look for many ways to tackle fussy eaters, often turning into creative chefs scouring the Internet for fun recipes. For some of us we'll do anything to see our child happily gulp down that glass of milk and even hope they'll ask for more!
Recently while shopping at a supermarket I passed a kiosk promoting a health drink for kids and because I felt my toddler did not need it, I moved on - but not before I heard DHA mentioned over and over again in the video that was playing. I quite honestly did not know what that meant. Back home, curiosity got the better of me as I searched for the advertiser only because I wanted to know why they kept going on and on about the importance of this DHA- my search took only a few seconds.
DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is a healthy omega-3 fat vital for mental development and integral for the various functions of the brain. I looked at my two year old as he happily played with his toys and realised how quickly he had grown in a span of few months. Ever since he took his first steps, skillfully handled those eye-catching toys we carefully picked, spoke his first words that soon multiplied, I have always wondered how to steadily support and ensure that the most important, the brain is developed to the max. I knew we had just a couple of years: the first six to be exact, the most rapid period for a child's growth and development where 90% of a child’s brain gets developed.
A quick search provided a list of foods rich in this omega-3 fat and I proceeded to download a list of recipes to ensure the daily requirement of much needed DHA was met. But my happiness was short lived when my toddler began rejecting and refusing most of these food choices. It soon became evident that I had to look for an alternative and after talking to several friends, Junior Horlicks emerged as the recommended choice that would aid my child's nutritional needs. It met my requirement not only because it contains the most important DHA and other nutrients that I have been going on about but also because:
  1. It is my family’s trusted health food drink and has been used for a long time.
  2. It does not contain added artificial colours, or flavours
  3. Is designed per WHO guidelines for the specific age group (2 - 6 years)
  4. It helps in brain development, supports immunity and weight and height gain which is crucial for my toddler
I am looking forward to the many more milestones that my son is going to achieve and while I may or may not attribute everything to his nutrition, I am content that I've taken a step in the right direction and made an informed choice to aid his future development.