The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature: Jonita Menezes D'almeida

I'm sharing stories of mum's all over the world and in the next few weeks, The Blogger Mommie page will feature two mum's every week. They'll share stories, advice, their best moments but most importantly they'll give you the 'real deal' about Motherhood and what they've experienced. 
I'm proud and happy to introduce my first mom, Jonita Menezes D'almeida. She talks about life both 'before' and 'after' becoming a Mom and has a special message for all you Mom's who juggle between work, home and motherhood. I love her advice on what she does when she has a HECTIC day and hope you'll enjoy reading her experience.

IN HER WORDS……"Of all the sweet words I know, the sweetest must be mother". This was what I used to scribble as the thought for the day on the blackboard during my high school days without realising the deep inner meaning to it. I realised it when the most awaited day finally came and I became a mom ,was overwhelmed with an ultimate feeling of joy and happiness when I saw my little angel baby 'R‘.

The one thing that motherhood taught me is patience. Your child deserves all the attention, love and care no matter if  you’re a working mother or a stay-at-home mom. When I have a hectic day at work and come home , I have no time to ponder and complain about things that happened during my day.  Just one smile from my little angel makes me instantly re-energised and ready for my motherly duties. She gives me all the energy to work with just few hours of sleep. No more my off days are meant to go out to the malls or parties they are only to spend with my precious little one because to see her doing her activities is now my enjoyment and fun. No more any fancy stuffs attract me.

I think motherhood is the best gift God can ever give to us. Hats off to every mother, you are truly special in endless  ways. Times may be challenging with your baby , everyday may not be the same and you might be feeling low and running out of your patience but trust me no one can ever do your job as a mother better than you and your kids are your true assets.

Life is short so love more, live more , spread happiness with a smile on your face  always and teach your kids the same . Be a role model and inspiration to them...

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