Roti Please! The Wholesome Goodness of Packet Atta - Then vs Now

When I recall precious memories of my childhood, I remember the happiest ones were days when my family would gather in my grandparents’ house for the daily night meal. It was almost like a joint family, except that everyone lived close by and we never broke that tradition for years. I remember the laughter from the kitchen as my grandma and her daughters would carefully and lovingly prepare mouthwatering dishes that we’d devour later. The grandchildren would gather to hear interesting stories that my grandpa would dish out with ease. Dinner was simple and the one dish that we always loved and looked for was grandmas Roti and the delicious side-dish she prepared to accompany it. I remember how my cousins and I would fight for the roti’s that were not ‘dark’ in color. Years later when I began my own family, I realised the trouble that my grandma had to take to prepare that ‘much loved’ meal.
In the earlier days, the age old tradition of most families was to visit the grinding mill to procure flour. My grandfather would cycle for miles to get the mill flour that was regarded as the purest and best. The flour was mixed with several multi grains to ensure goodness and was considered the best quality. The only drawback was that flour ground in the mill did not contain a proportionate amount of grains and this is the reason why the roti’s made at home were sometimes dark, bitter or slightly hard. I would never have imagined this complicated process until many years later when it was time to continue the roti tradition. All I had to do was reach for a packet of ready-made flour and the process was simple.
Aashirvaad aata with multigrain has been helping families relive the age old tradition of ‘chakki-grinding’ by sourcing wheat from the best wheat growing regions and using a proportionate method to ensure that the roti’s made at home are of a superior quality and soft texture. The atta is a mixture of 6 grains and contains wheat, soya, oats, maize, channa, oat, and psyllium husk (this extra fiber makes the roti easier to digest). I cannot imagine the trouble my grandparents took but I certainly wish that this wholesome goodness in a packet was available to them all those years ago.
Today, in the very so busy world I am certain we want to give our family the best and healthiest food. As I reach for the packet of atta everytime we need to make roti’s, I remember those precious childhood days and I am thankful for the fact that life is so much easier with a pack of Aashirvaad aata with multigrain.

Note: Picture for representational purpose only. Courtesy: Google Images