To the Mother's who lost their kids that day!

On Tuesday, I received a news alert about a horrific accident in my husband's hometown. Accidents unfortunately happen every day but I could not get this one out of my mind. It was a crash in which eight children, on their way to school were killed after a bus rammed into the omni they were travelling. Eight tiny little angels who had bright and promising futures ahead of them snuffed out in an instant. In a short while, the Internet was abuzz with messages of condolence and then there were those who did not waste time in the all too familiar blame game: the driver of the omni, the bus driver, the weather, the police and some unconsiderate people went as far as blaming the parents. Yes, never mind the trauma they had just been dealt with, now they were even being blamed for it. I could not relate to any of that. No matter how many people typed RIP that day, or gave their opinions on what should or should not have happened, nothing was going to change the inevitable and tragic consequence of that day- the loss of those eight precious lives. Did they even stop to think of what those parents must have been going through? I cannot. As I went about my day, I began to think of all the hopes and dreams those parents would have had for their children, all shattered now. I have no idea who these people were but I cried for them and all they lost on that fateful morning. 

To those mother's, fathers and all the loved ones of those kids: 

I cannot say I am sorry because I am nowhere near feeling the grief you feel now. I cannot say that time will heal because honestly time never heals when you lose a child. It stands forever still in that moment - where you wish, you wish so many things but most of all that fate had been kind enough. My tears will not make a difference because you will always cry at the memory of your children. In fact nothing I say will make your pain less painful. I can only hope and pray every day that life will someday give you a reason to heal and slowly help you move forward in your painful journey. I hope you find comfort in the beautiful memories of your children and all the lives they touched in this short span of time. This is my prayer for you.