Tell Your Parents Today....Not Tomorrow

A heartwarming post by a girl who lost her parents has gone viral and is being shared by thousands since it was posted on Facebook. In her message, the girl shares her tragic story of how losing her parents at a young age of 18 has left her alone, to shoulder many responsibilities both financial and household. Her message is clear and similar to many I have seen before (including my own): to appreciate your parents, while you still have them and never postpone plans you have for them because while tomorrow is certain, there is no guarantee for what fate has in store for us or our loved ones.
I couldn't help but feel her sense of despair and the sudden burden of having to face the world alone with no one to support her. The loss was only too familiar to me. At 25, I lost my father and although I knew that his condition was deteriorating, nothing prepared me for that dreadful day when I was suddenly left with a big void and so many things I wanted to say but couldn't. Crying was understandable but crying for not having told him the many things I wanted to was my fault. I had my chance (really) I should have said everything I wanted to say. So why didn't I? As I ponder, I can come up with only one possible explanation and I know I'm not alone in thinking this way. 
I sadly took things for granted. I assumed (or maybe), I was certain that nothing was going to happen and honestly, why sound soppy and tell my father what he meant to me. Didn't he already know that? I mean, I showered him with gifts and cards, surprise visits and whatnot. I called him every time, even during his illness. So wasn't that proof enough that he knew how I felt? Big mistake. Gifts are easy to forget, words make a bigger impact.
Today, there are many who have estranged relationships and are fighting battles with their parents or family. Some have distanced themselves becuse of petty differences or issues. In the end, does it really matter? We're all busy with several responsibilities and our own families to care for. Many of us stay far away from our parents and hardly have the time to connect. But in an age where technology is unlimited and sharing your feelings is just a message away, I strongly urge you to pour your mind our and Tell Your Parents What You Need to Say, today! Don't push plans for tomorrow. Don't wait till it's too late, don't live with the regret (like me and many others who have lost loved ones) and more importantly don't take any relationship for granted. Not parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, cousins, tell them today, even if it means being soppy and sentimental. It's now or never. 
Dear readers. This is my point of view and I understand that all families have their own concerns but I urge you to think about this. Thank you for reading.