We 2 Ours..how.many?

Growing up in the 90's, I must have seen too many of those movies where they lived happily after and had babies because I wanted three. In the years that followed and after a bit more realisation, I imagined two to be the ideal figure. Still unsure, I was finally convinced when the Mr. had the same magical number in mind. With the number 2 firmly etched in mind, I never hesitated to irritate friends and family who had one child - always enquiring when the next was on the way (almost like a joke) and then a more serious reminder that their child needed a playmate. Thankfully no one attempted to kill me. Fast forward 2015 and almost a year and some months later I feel like I'm done....with one!

Don't get me wrong here but I absolutely love being a mother. Hopefully you won't judge me as selfish or anything else of what people usually think of mothers who decide to stop at one. What prompted this drastic decision (and I really can't say this is set in stone) is really a mix of several factors. Looking at my precious angel as he sleeps, makes me wonder if I will ever be capable of loving another with as much intensity as now. I'm sure you've heard that silly excuse before but it does hold a little bit true and your first born will always be lucky to have felt ALL that love. Then there's the thought of 'giving him nothing but the best' and that sure does not come easy in today's world. As his parents, we want to see him live all his dreams (and who knows what kind of dreams he might have...ha!). Another factor of this decision has been everything associated with having another baby. I don't think I can survive the excitement, emotions, the nerves, the meltdowns, and basically everything. And just to confirm that karma exists, I get asked every single time when my son will have a playmate or if I'd like to complete my family with another (as if it's incomplete now) or other stupid questions that make me feel ever so sure I'm happy with my decision. So...come what may, I'm sticking to my decision unless some cute little baby I see gets the better of me and I change my mind! :)