The 3 Trimesters! From The Womb Into Your Arms (Part III)

As your tummy grows bigger, you will begin to slow down and feel a slight discomfort as the third trimester looms large ahead. You might expect the next couple of weeks to go quickly (almost like the last few). But the last trimester will lag so much, it will seem like forever and you will be waiting for it to be over.
  1. It's important to discuss a birth plan with your gynecologist. Labor is never a perfectly planned situation so it's good to be well informed on what to expect with a normal or c-section delivery, pain medication, other labour specific situations etc.
  2. The most important thing is to be prepared for less and disturbed sleep (in positions that will sure leave you feeling like a clock). The weight of your growing tummy on your bladder will cause frequent visits to the wash room (so always keep an eye out for the nearest restroom wherever you go!)
  3. Planning a baby bump photo shoot? The third trimester is the best time to make an appointment and capture some beautiful memories and special moments. Several popular photographers offer packages and if you don't feel the need to splurge, you can always get a friend or relative to capture some pictures on your phone. Remember: professional photo shoots can take time and will leave you more tired and hungry. Carefully plan your location, time slot and what's expected.
  4. You'll want to start packing your "hospital bag" somewhere now. Think essentials (again) and make a list as you go. Remember: to have your husband, mum or hospital partner help with packing as they will most likely be the ones to be searching the bag. Don't forget phones, chargers, cameras, breast pads, sanitary pads, books etc.
  5. Pregnancy brain, also known as "forgetfulness" will impact your ability to focus, especially in the third trimester. If you've created a birth announcement (with the baby's gender, name, photo etc.), ensure you send a copy to your husband or the person who will be forwarding the message to family and friends.
  6. Baby shower plans work well in the last few weeks of pregnancy. It's always a nice surprise when friends and family plan one for you but it's also perfectly fine to plan your own baby shower with a couple of close friends or colleagues.
  • Make arrangements to tour the hospital where you plan to deliver. It can relieve anxiety, give you a chance to get familiar with the staff and ask any questions you might have.
  • Walking is the best exercise in the weeks leading up to birth. Use this as an excuse to spend time with your better half and catch up on all the things you'll be expecting to happen once the baby arrives. Remember: shopping for hours or activities that involve standing for a long time might tire you so try to avoid any of these. 
  • Don’t forget to take a video as your baby's kicks and turns in your belly. I was lucky to capture a short video just two days before my son was born. I also like the idea of making a short video for your unborn child and then sharing it when he or she is old enough to understand how important the moment was.
  • Stock up on comfortable underwear, feeding clothes and sweat pants because you will truly want to be wearing nothing but those in the weeks after delivery.
  • In case you've forgotten to purchase any pre-loved baby item remember you can always shop online and stress less. Use online coupon codes or offers and stock up on diapers and essentials. You will be glad you did.
  • Finally, take time to go on a date with your husband. A nice dinner, quiet walk, just as long as it's the two of you spending quality time, alone together before your world is turned upside down :)

The D-day will arrive and suddenly life will change in every possible way. Nothing quite prepares you until you see the cherubic face of the angel you've been waiting to meet. Life begins now! 
Happy Parenting! Hope you enjoyed reading this!