When Life Changes 180 Degrees After Baby

My toddler son screams! He does it when he's happy, angry, excited, when I take something away from him, when he feels like it, when, oh my God! There's no stopping him. Sometimes it’s high-pitched, deafening, sometimes short and screechy. But wait, I already knew this and countless other pieces of advice (that I never really listened to). 

You hear about sleepless nights, how life will never be the same again, tantrums that are sure to leave you red-faced and wondering who’s in charge. It's endless what you will hear and in your mind you might think it will never happen to you. Fat chance! I wish someone told me how the sleepless nights will seem less annoying when I see a big toothless smile or feel tiny fingers reaching out to grasp mine. How a tantrum (as frustrating as it may seem) will be less relevant when a tiny mouth plants a million kisses on my cheek in an attempt to say sorry. How after an exhausting day with a messy house, I'm ready to burst and then I see my son's cute little face. The tiredness is somehow replaced with super human strength to do anything and I forget the 'madness' (for a while at least).

It's these small but special things that make you get through the tough times. You have a tiny being who thinks the world of you. Who will come running to you, no matter what, will hold you tight while asleep, even if he or she gave you a hard time at the store (or wherever). Who will love you come what may. Having a baby changes everything but I know I'd trade my sleep, my routine, in fact everything to feel this love that no one tells you about. Life changes 180 degrees but the twists and turns bring many surprises and full of memories to treasure for life.