Morherhood Can Sometimes Be Lonely

Motherhood has had me "gaga" from the moment I knew I was pregnant. The precious moments and bliss that I experience can never be compared to the years of "free-spirited" fun I had before my son was born. In fact, becoming a mom has left me hardly any time to even think of what I might be missing or have given up. It's a phase of my life that has given me cause to connect and be surrounded by so many people "just like me". But, in all earnesty Motherhood, has sometimes left me a tad bit lonely and terrified of the enormous responsibility that lies ahead of me, of the many moments I have to learn and maybe fail until I become a better mom, of the many times I will have to be the leader and take charge of the situation (because I'm the Mom). Like, the day after my son was born and all the well wishers had gone. I couldn't have felt more lonely and terrified to be left with a little baby and have no idea if I was doing the right thing. (or) A recent experience where I had to travel alone with my extremely active toddler son and my only worry was keeping him engaged for a long six hours without losing my sanity while everyone watched how I struggled. (or) The times when my son has fallen ill and I've stayed awake for hours, hoping I could bear the pain instead. Helpless, hearing his cries of pain and terrified of administering medication because we all know how children scream murder when something has to go down their throat.
There are countless instances where being the mom has meant we're required to step-in and fix the situation. When we know we're being judged by ever single person around. It's these moments that can bring loneliness and despair when we realise that no matter who we have beside us, the end result will solely depend on us mom's because we're supposed to be more tuned in to the situation.
Before motherhood, I never really looked at or even acknowledged a struggling mom: in the supermarket, at the airport, on a bus, just about everywhere. But, as a new mother, I cannot stop looking for them. To connect for a moment even if it's just a smile or nod and silently acknowledge (instead of judge) their situation. To never forget that as a new mom, I too had my share of ups and downs and imperfect parenting moments.
Yes, motherhood can sometimes be lonely but take heart dear moms because it's these challenging moments that define the essence of motherhood. That will conquer your fears and help you march ahead with a more spirited attitude. And while you do find comfort and strength to get through some of your days, don't forget to acknowledge those moms you see. The ones in the supermarket, at airports, on a bus, just about everywhere. I think we owe it to each other as moms.
Do share your challenging Motherhood moments and suggestions Moms. Thanks for taking time to read this article.