Toddler Rules! Let the Games Begin!

Since my son turned one, I've been living life in the fast lane: a life full of excitement that's sometimes filled with (dangerous) activities of the "toddler kind". Welcome to the magical phase where everything you say will somehow fall on deaf ears or provide the mischief-maker a valuable tip off (mom hates this so let me keep doing it) leaving you with a defiant toddler, a bad headache and the urge to bury your head under a pillow.  

This is the current story of my life, maybe yours too and unlike the earlier "baby phase" that had me oohing and aahing at every action, move and reaction, this one adds a different element of surprise. Having a toddler means that I sometimes have to throw all my rules out the door and really live by his because I know this is never going to last forever. It will only be a matter of time when this phase will be replaced by an even more insane one. So after several debates with other mommies I know and comparing my own experience with them, I firmly believe that all toddlers come programmed with these enduring traits.

1) Banging on everything and anything because it sounds like music to their ears.

2) Eating with both hands and drawing patterns with their food because it looks so much more inedible after that (all the more reason to refuse to eat).

3) Pinching the dogs ears or tail and wanting to cuddle or kiss it because really, the dog is the ONLY one who doesn't say No this, No that, or No, No all the time.

4) Jumping on the sofa, bed, whatever seems nice and bouncy even if it's mummy's tummy or daddy's belly.

5) Pulling out every single toy from the toy box even if they're never going to play with it because its nice to keep mummy busy and distracted (and continue cuddling the dog).

6) Throwing aside every beautiful "store bought" toy and replacing it with cartons, pots, spoons, covers, clips and some of the ugliest looking things that can be found around the house.

7) Poking their belly button, maybe mummy's and daddy's too because it really is fun to see their painful faces and hear their painful yells.

8) Testing the durability of furniture by climbing on every table, chair and drawer (not to forget) resetting the washing machine buttons, opening the fridge door and redialing the supermarket number just to say "Hevoo".

Toddlers have their naughty little ways and rules to turn your world upside down. What, you might ask makes them so endearing? Their clever ability to drive you up the wall and then flash their toothy smiles of innocence, bound to leave you smack in the face for getting upset. Then there are the other negotiators (like mine) who will go the extra mile to cover you with kisses and hugs and that's a sure shot to forgiveness.

Whatever the case and no matter what the rules of the house may state. I currently have a toddler who is hell bent on discovering the big, interesting world of "childhood". I guess I'll cut him some slack and play along with his Rules.........(God help me) so Let the Games Begin!