Dear Nursery Rhymes...Please Give Me a Break!

If someone had to predict that I'd be singing nursery rhymes in my 30's, I would have labelled them 'delusional'. As a child, I don't think I ever heard or for that matter knew so many nursery rhymes. The ones I knew were simple, sometimes kinda boring, full of action songs that my mother would make me repeat several times (with actions) much to my irritation and her joy. The birth of my niece ten years ago did not change that and she was introduced to a (somewhat better) line up of rhymes. It still never made a big difference to me and I often wondered why parents subjected their kids to boring nursery rhymes when they could be doing something more interesting like building a lego house or coloring pictures. Nine years later, my Baby A was born! and I know now how it all begins. What started as a means to distract is now in full swing with no signs of stopping. Plus, my upbeat list of Billboard Top 100 has been replaced by "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Hickory Dickory Dock". My day is incomplete without them (several versions) and I find myself humming along or singing them while I cook, clean, shower...I'm sure you understand. I have no issue with them. They have actually added to my son's vocabulary and I experience that joy my mother probably felt when I watch my little trooper hasten to complete the last word of a rhyme or imitate the "see u later alligator" wave! But they have become such a big part of his daily life that I sometimes want to scream...I mean who cares if the wheels go round or the tyre goes hiss..whatever! It's sometimes annoying. While I rant, my son tries to dance like the wiggless, he's laughing, imitating, he's happy. Sigh! Dear Nursery Rhymes...I guess you're never gonna give me a break.