Becoming a CHILD to raise a CHILD

As I brush my teeth this morning, I look in the mirror to see my Baby A making faces and imitating my every move. It seems like the funniest thing in the world to him. So I join in and make some funny faces too and that has him in splits. For those few moments, I forget about the tasks ahead of me, the worries and troubles that every parent faces today. For those precious few minutes, I am a child again and for that I am indeed grateful to my son. Dealing with some situations with your toddler (not to be confused when disciplining a child) requires a childish approach. In the past 15 months the child in me has hijacked my adult reasoning several times and this does not happen instantly because the 'adult me' is impatient, wants the job done quick, sometimes serious and several steps ahead (trying to figure out what I have to do next). While my childish self is more laid back and accepting, patient and actually funny. Recently, while shopping, Baby A was extremely bored and made no attempt to hide his frustration (with screaming of course). The adult me, tried to talk to him, reason with him (that shopping will be over soon) and then frustrated that it wasn't working, I began scaring him (that the big man would take him away if he continued screaming). And then he saw some insects (flies actually) and they seemed so funny to him. I took advantage and made funny insect noises and sounds, pretended to chase them and bingo! he was thrilled. I didn't mind the stares. I was just glad I got through the moment. There have been countless like these and maybe not all instances have warranted the 'child me' but it has helped with the situation. ..far more than when I'm dealing with it as an adult.
I mean, honestly, we're all part of this present day 'rat race' to get with the times and hurry along often forgetting that we're missing out on so much, until it's too late. If someone had to tell me (a couple years ago) that I'd be singing rhymes every day after becoming a mom, I would have shook my head in embarrassment. Yet today, I am in awe of the number of rhymes I know and can make up at the drop of a hat. Getting your child to learn, listen, understand and acknowledge, mostly requires a child like attitue on our part as parents. So if today, you come across a situation where your adult self is just not helping bring out that child in you...I guarantee it will make a difference.