Sun, Sand and Baby!!!Some things to look out for on your vacation!

Baby A and I are on vacation. It's the most relaxing and exciting destination I could ever wish for - my mother's house! This isn't his first visit to grandma's, but Baby A has taken time, some tears and several cranky moments to adapt, and he seems to be enjoying this new environment. In the past two weeks we've gone from travel lag, adjusting to new sleep schedules, eating woes to diarrhoea! whew! throw in a few family get togethers and trips around town. It's a fully packed vacation with a lot of learning and unexpected moments. Here's a list of things to look out for while on vacation (especially one that involves anything I've mentioned above).

Any sort of travel lag, either train or plane will set in only a couple of days after the actual travel. So if you find your toddler sleeping a bit more or less during those first few days, prepare yourself because the storm is yet to come! It gets better as they adjust so it's important to be consistent with nap and meal times.

Meal times will be a battle so keep an open mind and don't give up. Baby A spent the first few days drinking water and eating nothing but cucumber, yogurt and wafers! (It's the middle of summer here so food is really the last thing on his mind). A few days later, he was ready to eat anything and was ever so hungry. However, each day might bring fresh challenges so keep an open mind and stock up on several snacks.

Be prepared for anything ranging from a fever or cold to insect bites, diarrhoea or allergies. It also helps not to panic if any of these happen but to seek medical advice at the earliest.

And finally! Family gatherings or any event is bound to take a toll on your little one so its best to have them well rested and not over stimulated. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way and had an extremely cranky and unhappy Baby A who refused to do just about anything. Ensure that your little tot is well fed and rested before any big event. Forget about schedules on the day of the event and let them sleep as much as possible (depending on when the event is).

Keep an open mind, stay calm and everything will go well. Just don't set your vacation plans in stone - there will be several changes!!