A Mother is Everything......and more! So make everyday HER day!

My article for a Mother's Day contest.

Everyday IS Mother's Day because Mom's play a vital role in every aspect of a person's life (we don't need flowers and all the fanfare to celebrate her presence everyday!). From the start to the end, a mother's day revolves around her children and family never stopping for a moment to think of herself. She's a little bit of everything and slips into several roles during her day: your playmate as a child (way before the ones you found at school), a teacher to help you with the toughest of life's lessons, a guide during your most trying times, a fancy chef cooking up the yummiest dishes, not to forget, your very own 'google' (for all those "what" questions you had as a kid). She's a healer when your down or ill, your biggest fan (cheering the loudest) at every contest, and the only person who will:
wipe your tears and make you smile.
always remind you about stuff you forget (birthdays, bills and you know what ever else).
ensure you are well fed and stocked up on food at all times.
love you no matter what the situation.
listen while you talk your heart out (even if you don't make sense).

I clearly remember how every year I'd wait to give my mom her mother's day card. As the years went by and once I had a job, the card was accompanied by flowers and sometimes a cake. I felt content and happy for appreciating my mom. And then..last year I became a Mom. I vividly remember sending my mom a message on Mother's Day as I was juggling between my new role as a mom, my job and a trillion other things. Only then did I realise how much more thakful I should have been and most importantly that I should have "celebrated" her everyday by simply thanking her for everything she did. Yes, we all make mistakes and that's why we have our mothers to remind us that no matter what the salutation Mom, Mummy, Amma, or Ma a "Mother's" importance is reflected in the very word itself.
M - methodical, magical, marvellous, mindful, meticulous
O - orderly, on the move, optimistic, obliging, organized, open hearted
T - true, trustworthy, timely,
H - honourable, honest, hardworking, humorous, helpful
E - energising, entertaining
R - role model, reliable, religious, rational
To my mom and all mommies in the world! Every Day Is your day and you deserve to be celebrated all year round.#EveryDayIsMothersDay