Weight Oh Weight my Baby! When your baby's weight bothers you.

Baby weight is one of the many things you will have to deal with during your child's first (at least five) years. You will be hounded with questions about weight right from delivery day (and there's no telling when it will end). Dealing with this will be a combination of: 
frustration-trying to figure if your baby is the right weight or not.
irritation-when every second person feels the need to "comment" on your child's weight and
confusion-dealing with people will never fail to remind you how 'thin' your child is or that his chubby cheeks are way too chubby. 
Even if your one of those people who 'couldn't possibly care', I guarantee that you will somehow, someday think about it and worry. Baby A loved (notice the past tense) to eat and he was a healthy baby right on track with his weight. However, I had a lot of such comments to deal with and although I chose to ignore them, I was still worried. An important thing to remember is that baby weight will fluctuate. During the first year, a baby will gain weight steadily (almost three times the birth weight)...makes you happy doesn't it? Until...your baby begins to walk and then it's downhill from there. Their little active bodies cannot keep still once they begin walking. All they want to do is explore (forget about eating and sleeping) and you'll feel like your back to square one. It's normal, I promise you and even if you try ALL healthy food options you will still need some very tasty, occasional unhealthy food to tempt them (even if it's cheese crackers and cookies). Right now, Baby A's weight is at a stand still and I really cannot bother myself with the "weight comments". He's super duper active, hungry all the time and yes, he's growing. So brace yourself! because however healthy your baby is the "weight" thingy will always be a topic of discussion.