All about the No ......why not teach our babies to say "Yes"

One of the many words that toddlers learn quickly is "No". At least that's what the stats say. I've been teaching Baby A to say no but he only understands the "action" (head shake violently to the left and right). I did not teach him that😁. While at the supermarket, I was showing him stuff and saying "no" when the hubby suggested I teach him to say "yes" instead. Imagine, I didn't even think of that because whatever I'd read suggested the negative. Of course we need to teach our kids to say no but how much nicer does it sound when your toddler says "yes". Think about it. I suppose they learn to say no because they hear it countless times a day. "No, don't touch that", "No, not the phone.", no, no. I've done it too but I can't do it anymore. Toddlers want to defy you when they hear that word. All they want to do is explore and make a mess and drive you to the point of (I don't know what point). But I really want to teach Baby A when the word "no" should be taken seriously, for example, "No, it's not okay to wack mommy", or "No, it's not okay to bite or scream...that's really when he needs to hear the word. It might not work instantly...and I have to be constantly aware of how many times I say "No" and determine if it makes sense to say it (this is where baby proofing helps!!). Note to self: baby proofing needs to be rechecked every month as toddler gets smarter. Another 'huh' for me to figure out but I think I'm on the right track😉