They call it the blues.....those once in a while "feeling down" moments

Isn't it strange that no one talks about the baby blues or post-partum depression during pregnancy or after? I've seen videos and fliers on getting through those first few weeks, breast-feeding advice, stem-cell banking, baby photography (to capture those precious early moments). It goes on and on. Maybe it's because it's not a happy thing or maybe I missed reading about it. But, that's not something you want to read because you think it will never be you. I don't remember anyone telling me that there might be a chance of having the "blues" after a baby. I am sure I would have been in denial😊. It's not bad to feel overwhelmed during those first few days. You want to be a perfect mommy, you see countless moms doing an awesome and you just don't want to give into these feelings of being tired and overwhelmed. Pause. This is one of those times you going through a "blue" moment. Pause. It's okay to feel this way. Pause. No one tells you that.
Now there are many "blue" moments that are normal. But try and get a head's up (from your doctor or the internet) on what PPD really is. It's good to know the difference between just having the blues and PPD. During those first few weeks get as much help as possible so that you have a little "you time" (even if it's just 10 minutes). Whenever you feel  down just try and remember that you are doing your best. If you are not too convinced by that, look at your baby. You are the bestest (if that's a word) and your little one thinks the world of you! Hope that makes you smile.