Brr it's cold... when your baby has a cold or flu

When your little one wakes up with a cold or fever, be prepared for a painful, long, unhappy day (not for you but for your little bub). YOU will need a lot of patience, very comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt that can camaflouge tears, runny goo, orange sticky medicine and some more. It's not a nice feeling to see your little one down and quiet. It can also result in panic (when you're trying to figure out what to do) and can be nerve racking trying to comfort a crying baby who will cling to you. You must also know that you might never get to do anything around the house other than cuddle and comfort your baby. There will be LOTS of cuddling, comforting and "do what makes you happy baby".
Some things you might want to have at hand during these times include:

  • Saline drops and a suction bulb
  • A thermometer that can read temperature in a second (check braun)
  • Lots of soft wash cloths for that little nose
  • Medicine approved by your doctor (if required)
  • Favorite toys to distract (when required)
It's also a good idea to offer water (if your child is already drinking water) or warm milk to soothe a dry throat. I have tried steam inhalation and it does help a lot. You can either use a humidifier or steam a closed bathroom with hot water from the tap. There's a lot of good advice on the internet but you won't know what works for your little one unless you try it. Here's to you mom if your going trying to get through one of these days - hang in there, it will be over soon!