You're the inspiration! The Moms who Inspire...

Beautiful minds inspire others....

Ever since I became a mom, I have often thought of those who have inspired and helped me be a better mom. So I felt the need to write this post and honor them for I truly understand now many of the sacrifices they made during their journey through motherhood.To me, they will forever be supermoms to the power of infinity.
The first person on my list needs no introduction. I am here because of her. My mom! my life, my everything. In all my years I never quite put a thought to the biggest sacrifice she made...until, I became a stay-at-home mom. She quit her job as a teacher to care for my brother and I. We of course were oblivious and were just happy to have her to ourselves. I look at my son and wonder if he will ever know... Yet here I am strong willed, independent and capable all because of her (even though we don't see eye to eye sometimes...ok a lot of times). Mommy, you are my inspiration and although a little late, I am ever grateful for all those sacrifices you made.

The next person on my list is my sister-in-law. Well, really. We were friends much before we were in-lawed! But to get back on track, she became a mom at 22. I sometimes feel like I have no social life. Oh! wait, I have NO social life but at 22 I was living my dream life, independent and full of fun. And there she was. I realise now that there must have been several "bad" days but she has raised a beautiful daughter and I know how perfect she was (and still is). If there's one thing she did that  inspires me to be a better mom. through the chaos (and I am still trying to do this). Dolla deRosario, thank you for inspiring me!

My next, and not final note is for my childhood friend. I have learnt so many things from her. She is my "one stop shop for all things baby". Why? Well, this incredible mom has raised not one but four beautiful children. I often ask her 'how' and I marvel at her ability to juggle all roles and be perfect in all. If there's one thing I'd like to take from her, it's patience. Imagine, all kids dressed to go out and baby four pours hot coffee on himself and it's late and he now needs to be changed get it? amd there she is laughing at the sight of coffee baby. I could die if that happened. I'd be in a fit! So while I continue to hone my patience skills, I am forever grateful for having this wonderful woman to lean on. Jackie Peterson are my rock!

So this has been quite a post and one I've been meaning to write for a while. To me this really is a 'huh' moment and something I would have never thought of, If I hadn't become a Mom. So, get thinking and thank those wonderful people who make you a better Mom.