Fly away with me.....vacation and traveling with a baby!

Inner peace.....inner peace. No, I haven't been hibernating or learning the art of Chi (considering I got to watch my favourite movie after a long time). But jokes aside, I have been trying to stay calm as my first trip alone with Baby A looms large in the next few days. Vacations are exciting. But with all the excitement comes anxiety,  the fear of the 'unknown' and NO I am not really thinking of how I'll use the washroom at this point of time. Words of wisdom to my first time travelling mommies: pack light and limit yourself to a diaper bag (preferably a sling bag). Check, no double check where you can source local products like diapers, wipes etc. so you won't have the extra baggage. Online shopping works wonders during these times and you can get great discounts too (just remember that brands differ).
Here are my thoughts on some of the most important travel items.
Medicines. Best to carry all required medicines. Some countries do not sell otc medicines and prescriptions require insurance. It's also a good idea to check for a local paediatrician and save the address (just incase).

Comfortable clothes. Keep in mind the weather of the place you're traveling to. I know, it's really tempting to pack that cute outfit but if your child is NOT going to wear it. Bin it for now.

Shoes. Limit them to two pairs. Sandals (a must), slippers and maybe one pair of shoes that will match all clothes (so that makes three).

For the journey and depending on the flight duration, carry enough food supplies (milk, cereal etc.) For toddlers a snack of cheese or biscuits (depending again on travel time and for possible delays).
I'm divided on the 'front seat' advice but mostly because last time hubby dearest carried Baby A the entire journey and he seemed more comfortable in his daddy's arms. A quick point to remember is that budget airlines don't have baby bassinets (so front seat can be a bit too much space).
Don't forget to carry some distraction toys (and not blocks or things that can fall in all corners of a plane). A book, a blanket (for peek-a-boo), anything that will not make too much noise and cause your co-passengers to cringe.
I think that pretty much covers it. It might seem like I'm ready to roll...I'll let you know how it goes. Until then..let's hope for inner peace!