The Blogger Mommie is Proud to Feature Kerry!

have known Kerry since she was a toddler and had the pleasure of watching her grow in to a beautiful woman and amazing mother. The reason I chose to feature her is not only because of her approach to motherhood and parenting skills but also because she has braved being a first-time mom in a country so far away from home, from family and everything familiar. As an expat mum myself, I have often found it difficult without immediate family especially during those initial months when the smallest break away from baby duties can make a huge difference and having someone to help can certainly give you piece of mind.
Here's Kerry's take on what she has learnt as a mother. My favorite part is where she talks about the patience to be patient. We've heard patience, yes but how many of us can actually have the patience to be patient? It means you anticipate the worst, you train your mind to accept it and when it does happen you count or breathe....not exactly easy. As a first-time mom, I'm sure you'll relate to almost everything she says...
In her words...
Motherhood is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life with infinite memories to treasure. Although it can be trying at times, the positives always outnumber the negatives. It requires a lot of patience, willingness and determination to learn and adapt; kindness and most importantly LOVE. 
What I have learnt after becoming a mom:Patience may be one of the most important virtues when it comes to motherhood but today am going to talk about how to have patience to be patient. From the day my daughter was born, I was always on pins wondering when she would reach all her major and minor milestones. Would she achieve them earlier than expected or later than usual or never at all? Am sure every mum goes through this phase especially when we visit the pediatrician for their wellness check. The doctor will ask you if they’ve done this and done that. All these questions are a little mind boggling at times. Being a first-time mum, you tend to overreact. But I learnt eventually to have the patience to be patient with my little princess.Whether it was turning over, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, or talking etc. Baby K did just fine- Some early, some spot on and others eventually. I tried really hard and for the longest time ever to potty train her but when she felt her time was right it happened overnight with ease. Ever since, I would never force my child to accomplish any major milestone if she wasn’t ready for it. However, if they have overshot achieving their milestone by 6 months or more, then you need to panic and check with the pediatrician. But otherwise, just be patient and then be surprised. Living in a country like America, it’s hard sometimes as your children are expected to be independent as much as they possibly can. But that doesn’t mean we have to go by the books. After all they are little human beings. 
My message to all moms:It’s important to remember that all kids are different in their own way and we need to give them their own time and space to shine. Do not compare your kids with others just because they talk and walk a lot more than your own. Late bloomers eventually grow up to be smart and brilliant kids in their own way and it’s up to us mothers to hone our kids in the right direction. It’s easier said than done as I myself have strayed and wondered for the longest time if my little princess isn’t as tall as kids her own age. (Laugh out loud) My reality check is as long as she’s healthy, smart, kind and beautiful am the happiest mom in the whole world.So to all my fellow moms out there, having patience is one thing but having the patience to be patient with your little one makes all the difference in the world.
Kudos to all Moms!!! You guys are doing a great job.

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