Tips for Choosing The Perfect Sandals for Your Toddler

As summer approaches, the closed shoes and sneakers are replaced with more comfortable options: sandals and beach slippers.

When selecting summer footwear for my son, some of the key features I look for include: durability, support, protection, fit, style and price. All very important for my toddler who loves long walks and running about endlessly.

I have listed below some valuable tips we sometimes tend to miss when shopping for a comfortable pair of toddler sandals.

1. Protection- the style is an important factor for protecting tiny toes because beaches, parks and general play areas can be filled with dangerous objects like sticks, glass etc. I have used both open and closed styles but prefer the closed-toe style because as my son gets more active it protects the toes and prevents them from getting hurt on stubs, twigs and such objects.

2. Style - the choices online and in-store will attract, tempt and spoil your chance of actually picking the most suitable pair of sandals. Choose leather over any other material because it lasts longer, is more flexible and gives the best support when compared to plastic or rubber styles. We got through an entire year without investing in new sandals.

3. Support: once toddlers begin to run, there's no stopping them. A back strap prevents slipping and provides firm support to the feet and heel. I prefer velcro straps because they don't leave marks, are easy to slip off (when the kids fall asleep and you don't want even the slightest movement to wake them).

4. Price: a certainty important aspect as I run on a strict budget. The leather sandals were more expensive but definitely lasted much longer than expected. I am constantly on the look out for brand sales, online discounts and sales promotions. In Dubai, there are several: the big brand clearance sale, DSF, Seasonal Discounts. I am registered on all sites and stores so when there's a sale I get notified and save tons of dhirams.
In India, I take advantage of all the online coupon and cashback offers on FirstCry and have always managed to grab the best offers delivered right to my email inbox.

Hope this article helps you pick the perfect pair of sandals for your toddler. Here's to all the fun and enjoyment at the park and just about everywhere.