Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath Review

I'm excited to be part of a sponsored review for the Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath product. Having been a 'Johnson's' baby myself, I have always liked the mild, fresh fragrance of the lotion and the bath products.

I have used three of the Johnson's bath products on 'A' and I specifically like the Milk and Rice Bath. 
Here's why: 

Johnson's Baby Milk and Rice Bath was not the first choice for my baby. There were several products I tried but his skin remained dry and flaky in spite of applying moisturiser.

The reason I chose this specific Johnson's bath product is because:
1. It's mild and pleasant fragrance did not cause any skin irritation and the fragrance remained for hours.

2. The combination of milk and rice, kept my baby's skin soft, non-greasy and the best part: no additional moisturiser had to be applied.

3. It comes in two convenient sizes: the 500ml has a pump that makes bath time easy and the 200 ml comes handy while travelling.

4. I found the product to be reasonably priced especially since it worked as both a body wash and moisturiser.

5. I felt reassured about using this brand's product after I read that apart from being tested, it had passed the 5 level safety assurance process.

I would strongly recommend this product to mom's who prefer a mild, fresh, lasting and economical bath product for their babies.

Note: No free samples were used for the above review. The product was purchased from Amazon.