The Blogger Mum Turns One Today

Think big, dream big, and believe big was something my parents always encouraged me to do. As the world celebrates 'Women's Day', I celebrate my own success as a writer, blogging for the past one year. On a rainy March day last year, I posted my first blog and was sure it might be my last. It's never easy to take that first dreaded step and wonder if you'll ever be taken seriously. Beginning something is easy but continuing is so much tougher and there were days I had no idea what to write about. I have come a long way after that first step and I can honestly look back with a sense of happiness that I'm finally getting to do what I always wanted. I've also been lucky to have so many people write me messages or leave comments and that truly did get me motivated and curious to write more.

Blogging on a bigger platform was much scarier because there's always a hint of the 'negative'. Some will love what your write while the others will tear you apart with their straightforwardness. Luckily, I have survived and the responses have given me an immense satisfaction, the ability to actually think 'big' and dream 'big'. What started as voice notes and post-its is now a blog with viewers, followers, people asking me what next? Writing has given me that chance to reach out to so many people like me and by being a part of this wonderful community of bloggers, I have so much to be grateful for.

A special mention to my brother Winston, Hubster, Anand, Kerry, Greta, Lovelyn, Syona, Dolla, Anthea (Ann), Lolita, Beena, Jackie (both Peterson and Smith), Amrita, Vinaya, Lianne (La'brooy), Laju, Jodie, Remya, Prajuna, Varsha, Linda, Gina, Jonita, Rosie (Tillan), Reni, Amit (Sukhija),Tina (D'costa), Mareena,Taaj, Suraj, Martina, Petal and those who have liked the stuff I write about. Thank you for being my biggest encouragement!

My biggest thanks goes out to the mycity4kids parenting platform because they gave me a chance to reach out to people all over the world, share my stories and build lasting friendships. I just posted my 60th article and I cannot wait to reach 100!

Happy Blogger Birthday to ME :)

P.S. The picture is a representation of my favorite articles published so far.