Pampers! The Ultimate Comfort, Protection and Care For Your Child

My little A has used the Pampers brand from the day he was born. So when I was asked to review this product, I really wanted to share how much it did and continues to benefit us. The premium brand is slightly more expensive than the normal but we were lucky to be gifted a whole pack of premium pampers when he was born. 

I switched to pants when he was nine months old because it was so much easier,came in convenient sizes and was available as both premium and normal. As we gear up for potty training, I certainly feel that this has been the longest brand we have used so far and a special one too.

Here's why I found Pampers to be the best and most suitable option for my son.

Pampers for me, is synonymous with comfort, dryness, softness and every feeling of protection I wanted my baby to have, especially during those first few days after birth when rashes and skin irritation is so common. My child has been using the Pampers brand since the day he was born and I have continued to use it simply because it met the three most important criteria I was looking for:
Comfort: the comfortable waistband does not leave any marks around the waist because of the S-Curve that prevents friction even when used for a long time during the night.

Protection: the soft inner layer quickly absorbs the dampness and keeps the skin dry and fresh. I have used the Pampers Premium Pants on long haul flights for almost 12 hours, during functions, at night and my son has never suffered a skin rash or irritation since day one.

Value for money: since I’ve been using diapers from day one, I wanted to be sure I was investing in the right brand without compromising on my child’s comfort and protection. Pampers went the extra mile not only with the material but also with the unique wetness indicator, the ease of disposal and style.

I strongly recommend the Pampers Brand to all new Mom's looking for the ultimate comfort, protection and care for your child.

Note: No free samples were used for the above review. The product was purchased from Amazon.