Baby shopping blues....what you really need!

Dealing with emotions and pregnancy hormones can be frustrating. Not just for you but for the husband as well. The best and easiest way to deal with this is: Voila! Shopping!! Baby shopping can do wonders. But it can also make you splurge on stuff that you are most likely never to use..ever! Not to forget the palpatations your husband might suffer the moment he hears the word "shopping". The golden rule is to focus on "essentials" and what you really require the first few weeks (at least). Some of these suggestions can save you (and hubby) time and moolah as well (if that tends to worry you). So to make this easier, let's begin.

1. Diapers- Get used to this! You are going to spend the next two or so years buying diapers. Don't bother calculating. It will make your head spin. If you decide to use "cloth diapers" it's  a wonderful choice but I promise you by day three you will be at the store buying......yes, diapers. It's tiring for new dad's to be at the store buying diapers. The good news is that you can buy them online (with a discount as well!). There are really wonderful deals online that can save you time and money. I also think it's a great idea to "gift" diapers instead of clothes.

2. Diaper rash creams-stock up on these as diaper rashes are the most painful. Most pharmacies have offers on these products. My tip is to buy the large tubs (valid for three years). This saves frequent trips to the store and can last for months.

3. Burp cloths and bibs- you can forget your fashionable scarfs. These will be used as much as diapers. I prefer all shapes and find the larger ones serve the purpose better.

4. A baby sling- This is a one item you will never regret buying. Go for one that's simple to strap on, easy to maintain, comfortable to wear and firm.

5. A digital thermometer- Teething, vaccines, and climate changes can sometimes cause a fever. You cannot rely on guesses or on one that takes more than a few seconds.

6. Swaddles- These sung little wonders can keep your baby cosy. Baby A did not like to be swaddled at first but a month later he couldn't sleep without being swaddled. They usually come in packs of two or four and last until required.

If you must shop for clothes, think again. You will most likely have tons of baby clothes as gifts. If you really must buy stuff, you can always look for deals online or wait for special sales. If anything, it will save you a whole load of space! So, here's to a happy and fulfilling shopping experience!!