(Don't) wake me up!! Letting a sleeping baby....sleep

There are some things you must never do before you become a parent (or after). Never wake someone else's sleeping baby (or yours). It's difficult to resist (I know) when they look so cute and snug. And its harmless right- just play a while and then "poof" they go back to sleep. When my niece was a year old, she loved sleeping over at my house. I would come home at 4 a.m. (I worked night shifts) and head straight to her room. Well, not really to wake her up but to look at her angelic face as she slept. Then, I'd get tempted to plant a kiss on her ever cute cheeks and little palms, and feet....and there you have it. That's how you wake a sleeping baby! My mom must have dreaded those moments whenever she had to stay awake to put my niece back to sleep (while I blissfully slept). Fast forward ten years. Baby A and sleep! I am a dragon breathing fire on anyone who wakes him!(hubby included). It's an accomplishment to get him to sleep and when he's awakened, its like starting from square one. Babies love to play so if you wake them, they're just happy to play...and keep playing. Getting them back to sleep mode is difficult and this is where rocking, carrying and other forms of sleep associations begin. So, even if your baby does wake, remember to never "play" or suggest anything other than "going back to sleep". So like me, until you do understand.....just "let a sleeping baby sleep" 😈