To Eat or NOT To Eat

So my once happy to eat baby suddenly hates all veggies, fruits and curries cooked at home. He has decided that Yogurt Rice is the only edible and delicious food that he will consume but I hope this changes. I have tried tricking him to eat, but he figures it out almost immediately, will inspect his food bowl and give me a very disapproving look. I try to look very serious when he does this but it's adorably funny! He then clamps his mouth shut and refuses another bite (thankfully he hasn't yet figured how to spit his food out). Well, I was warned that this would happen😊 and that "this too shall pass". However, after a few food fights and a lot of patience, I've decided to let him win. 

My reasons are simple:
  • Forcing him to eat does not guarantee an empty bowl. 
  • Toddlers are full of energy and definitely know when to refuel. so if he's hungry he is definitely going to make a big noise. 
  • Teething is a possible reason for this behavior (and Baby A is teething). So best to avoid foods that cause him discomfort.
  • I rather have him eat what he's comfortable eating rather than filling him up while he's screaming or in tears.
That being said, I can't help wondering how other moms deal with this phase. Do you battle it out? or just give in to the comfort food phase? In the's waiting for " this too shall pass".