Everybody get wiggling! when your baby won't stay still!

Time flies. I remember when Baby A was a month old, hub and I wondered when he'd start rolling over. When he did, we were anxious about when he'd start crawling. Then, we couldn't wait for him to walk. And now, we just wish he'd stay still- while eating, or bathing, and in the car, but most importantly when it's time to change him. This is where "distraction" becomes a vital part of all activities. I'm not talking just toys! It's a combination of games, funny faces, songs, sounds..you name it. Whatever works for you to either get your little one dressed, or to stop crying or just about anything.
Peek- a-boo is one game that will keep a child distracted for quite a while. Props help (even if it's a towel, bib, sheet or just plain hands). Baby A loves to play with the tassels on his towel. So that works well for me.
Funny sounds and faces work extremely well too. If you're worried that people might think you're loony (well who cares!). The sight and sound of your little one's laughter will make everything and everyone else seem irrelevant.
Songs never fail. It makes it all the more special if you're singing (rather than just play it on your phone). But then there are those days when you're just too tired to sing so either will work.
Toys like rattles, keys, rings tend to help. I've also found that "squeaky" toys can facinate a baby. If nothing works try giving your baby the diaper to unfold.
Whatever the situation, you're bound to come up with some quick fixes. The important point is to stay calm (I know it's terrifying especially when everything is so new). Focus on the situation and not lose your cool. If nothing works.....try kisses and cuddles. They will sure guarantee a smile as wide as the ocean!!