If only the cuddles and kisses were forever!

Today's post is a bit sentimental. It's something I've recently been thinking about, especially after Baby A turned one. Also because my precious niece turns ten tomorrow. Every night Baby A has a big share of hugs, kisses and cuddles before he heads off to baby dreamland. There's  a bedtime story and goodnight song as well. This routine has become so special that I cannot help but think that one day he will not need a story or goodnight song. One day he might not want to shower me with his little kisses and cuddles. That "one day may be so far away" but Sigh! So I'm making the most of these moments. It can be silly things I do that make him laugh, or something out of the blue that makes him crack up and laugh till he has tears in his eyes. It can be grooving to a tune on the radio making funny faces together (while the people in the car right next to you think your loony). All this and more...I'm  going to enjoy them all.